15th Regiment of Foot

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Known as The East Yorkshire Regiment


  • 1685 raised as Clifton's Regiment of Foot
  • 1751 became the 15th Regiment of Foot
  • 1782 became the 15th (The Yorkshire East Riding) Regiment of Foot
  • 1881 became the East Yorkshire Regiment
  • 1935 became the East Yorkshire Regiment (The Duke of York's Own)
  • 1958 amalgamated with The West Yorkshire Regiment (14th Foot) to form The Prince of Wales's Own Regiment of Yorkshire (14th/15th Foot)
  • 2006 amalgamated, with two other Yorkshire regiments becoming the 1st Battalion, The Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)

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Historical Books Online

Historical Record of the Fifteenth, or TheYorkshire East Riding Regiment of Foot: containing an account of the formation of the regiment in 1685, and of its subsequent services to 1848 by Richard Cannon 1848 Google Books. Page 80 states the Regiment went to Ceylon in 1846.