32nd Punjab Pioneers

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Known as The 32nd Punjab Pioneers


  • 1857 raised as Punjab Sappers
  • 1858 became the 24th (Pioneer) Regiment of Punjab Infantry
  • 1861 became the 32nd Bengal Native Infantry
  • 1864 became the 32nd (Punjab) Bengal Native Infantry (Pioneers)
  • 1885 became the 32nd (Punjab) Bengal Infantry (Pioneers)
  • 1901 became the 32nd Punjab Pioneers
  • 1903 became the 32nd Sikh Pioneers
  • 1922 amalgamated with 23rd Sikh Pioneers and 34th Sikh Pioneers to become the 2nd Battalion 3rd Sikh Pioneers
  • 1929 became the Corps of Sikh Pioneers
  • 1933 disbanded
  • 1941 re-raised as The Sikh Light Infantry
  • 1947 allocated to India on Partition

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