Ahmadpur-Katwa Railway

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Ahmadpur-Katwa Railway
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Line of route
Ahmadpur to Katwa
Gauge / mileage
2' 6" NG 32 miles (estimate)
1917 Opened to traffic
Key locations
Presidency Bengal
System agency
1917 McLeod's Light Railways
1966 Eastern Railway (IR zone)
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The Ahmadpur-Katwa Railway (AKR) was a narrow gauge line, built and operated as part of McLeod's Light Railways, opening to traffic on 29 September 1917.

In 1966, ownership of the BKR, together with its sister line, the Burdwan-Katwa Railway, was transferred to a zone of Indian Railways, Eastern Railway, which continues to operate the BKR as a narrow-gauge operation.

Indian Railway Classification

Classified in 1926 and in 1942 as a Class III railway system.