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St Marks Church From Cubbon Park Bangalore.jpg
Presidency: Madras
Coordinates: 12.966667°N, 77.566667°E
Altitude: 920 m (3,018 ft)
Present Day Details
Place Name: Bengaluru
State/Province: Karnataka
Country: India
Transport links
Chikballapur-Bangalore City Railway
Madras Railway
Mysore State Railway
Southern Mahratta Railway
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places of interest during the British period

Bangalore (now Bengaluru) became part of British India in 1809. It was the scene of a mutiny in 1832, which was unsuccessful. Bangalore is the capital of the modern Indian state of Karnataka.


Battle of Bangalore 1791
Bangalore Mutiny 1832



FIBIS resources

Bangalore maps

(A) 12.95495, 77.604772, Hosur Road Cemetery

Protestant cemetery, Hosur Road, Bangalore

(B) 12.991793, 77.612722, St John's Church, 132 St John's Church Road 13.269353, 78.027649 (C) 12.969661, 77.605555, St Patrick's Cathedral, Brigade Road (D) 13.003303, 77.59047, Royal Palace, Jayamahal Road

Royal Palace, Bangalore

12.975944, 77.600427 (E) 12.975944, 77.600427, St Mark's Church, MG Road

St Marks Church from Cubborn Park

(F) 12.967037, 77.617604, Agram Cemetery, Richmond Road (G) 12.962781, 77.596886, St Joseph's College, Lalbagh Road (H) 12.961286, 77.606038, Baldwins Boys High School, Hosur Road

Baldwins methodist College

12.970769, 77.605362

The map to the right shows locations of interest in Bangalore.

Hover your cursor over the markers on the map to reveal the places marked or use the below index.

Clicking on the markers also produces a balloon with further location details.

Locations index

Cemetery.png A - New Protestant Cemetery, Hosur Road

Rc Church.png B - St John's Church, 132 St John's Church Road

Rc cathedral.png C - St Patrick's Cathedral, Brigade Road

Palace.png D - Bangalore Royal Palace, Jayamahal Road

Rc Church.png E - St Mark's Cathedral Church, MG Road

Cemetery.png F - Agram Cemetery, Richmond Road

Rc school.png G - Joseph's College, Lalbagh Road

Highschool.png H - Baldwins Boys High School, Hosur Road

External links

Historical books online

  • Bangalore Imperial Gazetteer of India Volume 6, page 368.
  • Bangalore page 67, The Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal Volume 68 1847. The cantonment was classified as one of the "Stations on the Table Lands"