Battle of Dujaila

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Battle of Dujaila
Part of Mesopotamia Campaign
Date: 8 March 1916
Location: Dujaila, south of Kut, Iraq
Presidency: not in British India
Co-ordinates: approx 32.412°N 45.942°E
Result: British defeat
United Kingdom Ottoman Empire
Lieut-Gen Sir Fenton Aylmer General von Goltz
18,891 infantry
1,268 cavalry
68 guns
8,500 infantry
1,500 cavalry
32 guns
4,000 unknown

This event is part of the Mesopotamia Campaign in the First World War


The new commander-in-chief, Sir Percival Lake, ordered Aylmer to try again to relieve Kut. The attack on the Dujaila Redoubt was repulsed and Aylmer withdrew.

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