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Bengal Army
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Bengal Army
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East India Company Army

The Bengal Army was one of the three Presidency Armies of the East India Company.

A list of Bengal Army regiments can either be found in the Bengal Army Category or alphabetically, by type, in Bengal Army Regiments.


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British Library

Records available in the British Library India Office holdings include:

FamilySearch (LDS (Mormons)) have filmed many of these records. Search the Microfilm catalogue by entering keywords such as Bengal Army. In particular, “Registers of Bengal Army European soldiers, 1788-1860” and “Bengal Army muster rolls and casualty returns, 1716-1860” are available.(Ordering microfilms)


  • Lives of the Officers of the Bengal Army, 1758-1834 by V. C .P. Hodson, 4 vols. (London, 1927-47) Note that the dates refer to the date of joining the Army. Alphabetically arranged and annotated with biographical and genealogical notices, giving details of: (1) rank and brief career history (2) family information (3) service records: regiments or battalions in which the officer served (4) references to wills if they exist, to monumental inscriptions, or to mentions in publications. The British Library shelfmark is OIR.355.332.
    A description of the fascinating information contained in the appendices is explained in Bengal army officers names nationalities fatalities and a phantom Untold Lives blog of the British Library.
    FIBIS has transcribed the indexes of these books, which are available on the FIBIS database.
    The LDS (Mormon) Family History Library has filmed the above books (Library Catalogue entry). It has been recommended that all three LDS films be ordered, as there is a lot of cross referencing. [2]
  • Ubique: War Services of Officers of the Bengal Army by T.C. Anderson, originally published 1863, is available in reprint editions.[3] Data from this book is available on the FIBIS database, refer above

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Historical books online

‪Abstract of General Orders from 1846 to 1847 Inclusive with a preceding Index 1840-1847 Compiled by Captain O Cavanagh Delhi 1848 Google Books
Abstract of General Orders from 1847 to 1849 Inclusive Compiled by Captain O Cavanagh Delhi 1851
Abstract of General Orders for 1850-1851 with Index compiled by Captain O Cavanagh Delhi 1852
Part 1– Appointed 1768, Part 2- Sir Eyre Coote's Campaigns of 1781, 1782, and 1783, Part 3- Campaigns in India –includes General Stuart's Operations; General Goddard's March; and the Proceedings of the Bombay Army and its Government, Part 4- includes Popham’s Capture of Gwalior; General Goddard’s Operations, Campaigns of Lord Cornwallis, Siege of Bangalore, Part 5 March to Seringapatum, Part 6, Part 7
"Lieutenant -Colonel Richard Scott" from The East India Military Calendar: Containing the Services of General and Field Officers of the Indian Army, Volume 1, page 315 by by John Philippart 1823 Google Books


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