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General Sir Dighton MacNaughton Probyn VC, GCB, GCSI, GCVO, ISO (1833–1924) was an officer of the British East India Company who entered the 6th Bengal Light Cavalry in 1849 as a cornet. He transferred to the newly raised 2nd Punjab Cavalry and served on the Trans-Indus Frontier 1852-57. During the Indian Mutiny Probyn was awarded the Victoria Cross for a series of gallant exploits. In poor health he spent some time in England before he returned to India and was appointed to command the 1st Sikh Irregular Cavalry (Wale's Horse) after Captain Wale was killed. The regiment soon became known as Probyn's Horse. He served in the 2nd China War 1860 and the Ambela Campaign 1863. In 1872 he returned to England as Equerry to the Prince of Wales. He died in 1924.

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