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Iran was previously known as Persia. This page also includes the Persian Gulf and surrounding areas.

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The journal Iran is available at the British Library. These articles may also be read in full through the website JSTOR, including through the free access provisions, see Miscellaneous tips-Access some articles in the JSTOR subscription website for free
There are also some records for Iran in the "World Miscellaneous" records on FamilySearch

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John Isaacson, who at the time was described as a "Sergeant, RE", arrived in Persia on 11 November 1863 and was posted to the Persian section of the IETD. He died in Bushire in 1892.

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Also see Gazetteers - Persian Gulf, Oman And Central Arabia
A later edition, edited, with notes and an introduction, by William Crooke, formerly of the Bengal Civil Service. in three volumes, printed for the Hakluyt Society, (Second Series, 2/19, 2/20 and 2/39) 1909-1915. Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3 Pdf downloads, Digital Library of India, with additional digital files available.
Central Asia. Part V. A contribution towards the better knowledge of the History, Ethnography, Topography, and resources of part of Asiatic Turkey and Caucasia compiled by Lieutenant-Colonel C M Macgregor 1872. Qatar Digital Library.
Volume II. Zoology and Geology by W T Blanford. 1876
A History of Persia by Lieut-Col P M Sykes 1915 Volume I, Volume II
Persia by Brigadier General Sir Percy Sykes 1922 including
  • The Persian problem: an examination of the rival positions of Russia and Great Britain in Persia with some account of the Persian Gulf and the Bagdad railway by H J Whigham 1903
  • '"Railways in Western Asia" by Lieutenant-Colonel H Picot Indian Army (Retired). Proceedings the Central Asian Society, London 1904
  • "Our recent progress in Southern Persia, and its possibilities" by H R Sykes Proceedings of the Central Asian Society March 1905.
  • "Russian Railways towards India" by Colonel C E de la Poer Beresford Proceedings of the Central Asian Society December 1905
  • Gazetteer Of The Persian Gulf, Oman And Central Arabia by J G Lorimer, published 1908 to 1915. Volume I, Historical consists of Part I being the 'Arabian' portion of the History and Part II being the 'Persian' section of the History. Both Parts of Volume I, Historical, have the same extensive index, covering all Parts.
    • Four out of six volumes of a reprint edition are available to read online at Hathi Trust Digital Library. The volumes are Volume I: Historical: Part I (in two parts) and Volume II: Geographical and Statistical (in two parts)
    • The Qatar Digital Library contains copies of the original editions held at the British Library. Note: these webpages may be very slow to load at times
    • Three volumes of the Gazetteer Of The Persian Gulf, Oman And Central Arabia by J G Lorimer, Indian Civil Service, are available to read online on the Digital Library of India website, being Parts I and II of Volume 1, Historical, published 1915 and the Geographical section of Volume II, Geographical and Statistical Gazetteer, published 1908.
      • Part I Contents computer pages 12-137. Text commences cp 138. Part II Contents computer pages 10-133. Text commences cp 134. Appendix "Published books and articles" cp 1210. Volume II Geographical and Statistical Gazetteer. There is no Index. Introduction pages i-iii are missing. The text is cp 8-2047
    • Volume I, Part III of a reprint edition is available on the National Library of Australia Digital Collections-Maps Catalogue entry. It contains two maps (including the map of the Persian Gulf, Oman and Central Arabia) and genealogical trees.
British Library Untold lives blog ‘Persian Gulf tragedy’ – the death of John Gordon Lorimer 08 February 2014 (retrieved 18 June 2014)
  • Persia and the Persian Question (2 Volumes) by George Nathaniel Curzon (Lord Curzon) 1892 is available to read online on the Digital Library of India website.
  • Article "Indo British Trade with Persia" by Naoroz M Parveez pages 12-29 Imperial and asiatic quarterly review, and oriental and colonial record 1907 Third Series Volume 23 is available to read online on the Digital Library of India website. The article is computer pages 19-36. There is a discussion of the paper from page 106, computer page 113.
  • The Frontiers Of Baluchistan by G P Tate 1909. Pdf download, Digital Library of India. Full title The Frontiers of Baluchistan : Travels on the Borders of Persia and Afghanistan. [Seistan (Sistan) Arbitration Mission, 1903-1905]
  • The Indian Borderland, 1880-1900 by Colonel Sir T Hungerford Holdich 1901 edition, Second and cheaper edition 1909 Contains chapters on the Persian Gulf and the Perso-Baluch Boundary
The Gates of India, being an Historical Narrative by Colonel Sir Thomas Holdich 1910
Political Frontiers and Boundary Making by Col. Sir Thomas H Holdich 1916
"Between the Tigris and the Indus" by Colonel Sir Thomas H Holdich The Geographical Review Volume IV September 1, 1917