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Iran was previously known as Persia. This page also includes the Persian Gulf and surrounding areas.

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The journal Iran is available at the British Library. These articles may also be read in full through the website JSTOR, including through the free access provisions, see Miscellaneous tips-Access some articles in the JSTOR subscription website for free

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John Isaacson, who at the time was described as a "Sergeant, RE", arrived in Persia on 11 November 1863 and was posted to the Persian section of the IETD. He died in Bushire in 1892.

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  • Bushehr (Bushire) Wikipedia
  • Indo-European Telegraph Department in Iran Encyclopaedia Iranica. While the IETD was an autonomous department for much of its existence, between February 1888 and April 1893, it was under direct auspices of the Director General of Indian Telegraphs. The IETD was dissolved in March 1931. There was significant intermarriage with Iranian Armenians.
    • "Scientific Instrument with a Story to Tell" by John Packer Bulletin of the Scientific Instruments Society No. 92 (2007), pages 17-18. html version, original pdf
  • India List post and thread: IETD in Persia . This post says “I found Denis Wright’s book The English amongst the Persians invaluable for background to the tortuous life in Persia. First edition published 1977 as The English amongst the Persians during the Qajat period, 1787-1921, available at the British Library. 2nd Edition: The English amongst the Persians: Imperial Lives in Nineteenth-Century Iran Preview Google Books
  • Photograph of an unidentified captain of the Royal Engineers who was in all likelihood attached to the Indo-European Telegraph Department office that was located in Teheran. From the Soldiers of the Queen website.
  • "The Raj Reconsidered: British India’s Informal Empire and Spheres of Influence in Asia and Africa" by James Onley Asian Affairs Volume XL, no. I, March 2009 html version, original pdf
  • Britain and the Gulf Shaikhdoms, 1820 - 1971 by James Onley 2009 Center for International and Regional Studies (CIRS) html version ,download a pdf

Historical books online

Both Parts of Volume I, Historical, have the same extensive index, covering all Parts. Part I consists of the 'Arabian' portion of the History. Part I Contents computer pages 12-137. Text commences cp 138. Part II consists of the 'Persian' section of the History. Part II Contents computer pages 10-133. Text commences cp 134. Appendix "Published books and articles" cp 1210. Part III is not available online.
Volume II Geographical and Statistical Gazetteer. There is no Index. Introduction pages i-iii are missing. The text is cp 8-2047 and appears to be all Geographical. The Statistical portion is not available online.
  • Persia and the Persian Question (2 Volumes) by George Nathaniel Curzon (Lord Curzon) 1892 is available to read online on the Digital Library of India website.
  • Article "Indo British Trade with Persia" by Naoroz M Parveez pages 12-29 Imperial and asiatic quarterly review, and oriental and colonial record 1907 Third Series Volume 23 is available to read online on the Digital Library of India website. The article is computer pages 19-36. There is a discussion of the paper from page 106, computer page 113.


  1. The Arabian frontier of the British Raj: merchants, rulers, and the British in the nineteenth-century Gulf, page 118 by James Onley 2007 Google Books