Jetalsar-Rajkot Railway

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Jetalsar-Rajkot Railway
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Line of route
Jetalsar to Rajkot
Gauge / mileage
Metre gauge 46 miles (1905)
1898 Opened to traffic
Key locations
Presidency Bombay
Stations Gondal, Jetalsar, Rajkot
System agency
1890 Bhavnagar-Gondal-Junagad-Porbandar Railway
1911 Bhavnagar State Railway
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The Jetalsar-Rajkot Railway was a short (but important in the context of the railways of the Kathiawar peninsula) metre gauge(MG) line. Jointly owned by the Princely Gondal State, the Junagadh State, the Rajkot State, and the Talukdar of Jetpur State. The line of 46 miles(72km) connected Jetalsar to Rajkot and opened in 1898. [1]

The line was worked by the Bhavnagar-Gondal-Junagad-Porbandar Railway(BGJPR) until the breakup of that coalition in 1911; then by the administration of the Gondal-Porbandar Railway(GPSR )[1]


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