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Also see Straits Settlements


  • See General Register Office, UK.
  • For civil registration records of birth, marriage and death records, contact the National Archives of Malaysia and/or the National Registration Department.[1] There has been some registration since 1859.[2]
  • Birth, marriage and death notices may have been published in Singapore newspapers. See Singapore - Newspapers for details of free online Singapore newspapers.
  • BACSA have published the following books:
    • Ipoh and Taiping: War Graves and Graves of Europeans in the Cemeteries in Ipoh and Taiping, Perak, Malaysia by Justin Corfield, 2000. 108pp, 27 illustrations and plan
    • Kota Bharu (Malaysia): European Graves in the Jalan Hamzah Cemetery by Justin Corfield, 1999. 24pp, 23 illustrations and plan
    • Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia): St Mary's Cathedral and the Jalan Birch Cemetery by Justin Corfield, 2000. 24pp, 5 illustrations
    • Seremban, Malaysia: Graves in St Mark's Churchyard, and the Anglican Section of the Seremban Cemetery by E Beavington and Justin Corfield, 2000. 56pp, 11 illustrations
    • Teluk Anson (Malaysia): European Graves in the Jalan Anderson Cemetery by Justin Corfield, 2000. 20pp, 14 illustrations and plan
Some cemetery books are still available, see BACSA Books
BACSA have put indexes to the majority of their cemetery books online and these indexes are free to browse. If an indexed name is of interest then application can be made to BACSA for details of the relevant burial inscription - charges apply for this service.
  • British & Indian Armies in the East Indies (1685-1935) by Alan Harfield 1984 is available at the British Library. History of British and Indian Armies in Sumatra, Java, Sarawak, Malaya and Singapore from 1685-1935. Includes names of officers and men buried in these areas. Also includes name lists of persons in some military units which served in these areas.

Military Operations

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Singapore And Malaya Volunteer Corps Medals 10 March 2013 from “Singapore Volunteer Corps, Straits Settlements Volunteer Force, Malaya Volunteer Forces”
"Planters, Estate Health & Malaria in British Malaya (1900–1940)" by Liew Kai Khiun Journal of the Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, Volume 83, Part 1, June 2010, No. 298, pp. 91-115
"Mad Ridley and the rubber boom" by Dr Loh Wei Leng and Khor Jin KeonG 2011. The history of rubber in Malaya.
Video: A Rubber Plantation in Malaya, 1911 / La Cultivation du Caoutchouc en Malaisie, 1911 You Tube video
"Spreading the word: using cookbooks and colonial memoirs to examine the foodways of British Colonials in Asia, 1850-1900" by Cecilia Y. Leong-Salobir, University of Wollongong. From The Routledge History of Food 2015 (pp. 131-155)
"Mrs Beeton in Malaya" by Janice Loo. BiblioAsia Volume 9 Issue. 3 October-December 2013.


  • 1929 Motoring Map of Malaya Pages can be rotated if required. National Library of Malaysia.
  • Also see some Maps in Historical books online, below.

Historical books online

Note this website is often unavailable, and possibly may only be available during office hours, Monday to Friday: 8.00 am - 5.00 pm (local time), being GMT 00.00 to 9.00am
Volume I,Volume II 2nd edition, 1839 (2 Volumes in 1) Google Books. Tenth American edition [with deletions] c 1855
Multiple volumes: Pdf downloads, Digital Library of India, including Index To All The Journals Nos.1-86 Of The Straits Branch Of The Royal Asiatic Society Vol.5 Pt.4 1927
Journal Of The Malayan Branch Of The Royal Asiatic Society Multiple volumes, broken range from Volume 1 1923. Pdf downloads, Digital Library of India.
Malay Sketches by Sir Frank Althelstane Swettenham 5th edition 1921. First published 1895
British Malaya; an account of the origin and progress of British influence in Malaya by Sir Frank Swettenham, late Governor of the Straits Colony 1907, with a 1906 Map of the Malay Peninsula
"Rubber Planting in Ceylon and the Malay States" page 225 The India Rubber World April 1, 1904
Return to Malaya R.H.Bruce Lockhart 1936 The author had previously left Malaya c 1910, see previous book.
  • Singapore Patrol by Alec Dixon, 1935. Pdf download, National Library of Malaysia. The author who joined the Straits Settlements Police post WW1 was one of a small force of detectives, where riots, murders, and robberies, occurred with alarming frequency. Full title (perhaps only in some editions): Singapore Patrol: Experiences of a Detective Officer in Malaya. Review The Straits Times, 6 December 1935 Review The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW) 14 Dec 1935
  • "Malaya 1938-1939" page 164 Memories of Malaya by June Meyer 2007. Description of a rubber estate in the north of Malaya. Google Books.
  • Malayan Landscape 1946. The author is not as catalogued but is Katharine Sim, (with an introduction by Sir Richard Winstedt). The author was in Malaya 1938 to 1942. Includes a final chapter regarding the war situation ahead of the approaching Japanese, with the author’s eventual evacuation from Singapore, shortly before its fall. Pdf download, Digital Library of India
  • The War in Malaya by Lt-Gen A E Percival 1949. Available as a pdf download from Sejarah Melayu Library, refer above. Located under General. Scroll down the alphabetical list to T.
  • The Directory & Chronicle for China, Japan, Corea, Indo-China, Straits Settlements, Malay States, Siam, Netherlands India, Borneo, the Philippines, &c. For a range of editions to 1922, see China
  • A History of Malaya, A.D. 1400-1959 by J Kennedy 1962. Lending Library. Before you can borrow this book, you must register. Only one person at a time is able to borrow the book, so you perhaps may need to wait until the book is returned..
  • The Adventures of John Smith in Malaya, 1600-1605 by A Hale 1909. This book was classified as a novel in a review when issued, but it was stated “In the Malayan part of the book…[there] seems to be first hand knowledge of the legends, custom and intimate life of the Malayans”, and it was “written… with… learning”[7]
  • Hilda's "Where is it?" of recipes : containing, amongst other practical and tried recipes, many old Cape, Indian, and Malay dishes and preserves: also directions for polishing furniture, cleaning silk, etc. and a collection of home remedies in case of sickness by Hildagonda J Duckitt 1908 edition First published 1891. The author lived at the Cape of Good Hope.


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