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  • BACSA have published the following books:
    • Ipoh and Taiping: War Graves and Graves of Europeans in the Cemeteries in Ipoh and Taiping, Perak, Malaysia by Justin Corfield, 2000. 108pp, 27 illustrations and plan
    • Kota Bharu (Malaysia): European Graves in the Jalan Hamzah Cemetery by Justin Corfield, 1999. 24pp, 23 illustrations and plan
    • Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia): St Mary's Cathedral and the Jalan Birch Cemetery by Justin Corfield, 2000. 24pp, 5 illustrations
    • Seremban, Malaysia: Graves in St Mark's Churchyard, and the Anglican Section of the Seremban Cemetery by E Beavington and Justin Corfield, 2000. 56pp, 11 illustrations
    • Teluk Anson (Malaysia): European Graves in the Jalan Anderson Cemetery by Justin Corfield, 2000. 20pp, 14 illustrations and plan
For details including purchase, see BACSA Books - select Cemetery Record Books.
BACSA have put indexes to the majority of their cemetery books online and these indexes are free to browse. If an indexed name is of interest then application can be made to BACSA for details of the relevant burial inscription - charges apply for this service.
  • British & Indian Armies in the East Indies (1685-1935) by Alan Harfield 1984 is available at the British Library. History of British and Indian Armies in Sumatra, Java, Sarawak, Malaya and Singapore from 1685-1935. Includes names of officers and men buried in these areas. Also includes name lists of persons in some military units which served in these areas.

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Historical books online

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  • [Digital] Sejarah Melayu Library ( has an extensive collection of English language historical books to download as pdfs, with some to also read as text. Click on the titles for further details of the author and year published. If you prefer to read original images, look at the text version (if available), as for some books, it may be apparent they are available on websites such as or Google Books. Books available include
    • An extensive collection of Journals of the Straits Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society (SBRAS) which became the Journal of the Malayan Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society (MBRAS). Click on individual journal issues, and the contents will be shown. These do not seem to be complete issues, but selected articles.
    • The War in Malaya by Lt-Gen A E Percival 1949. Located under General. Scroll down the alphabetical list to T.
  • The Burney Papers. Cover the period 1825 to 1849. See Thailand.
  • Our Tropical Possessions in Malayan India: Being a Descriptive Account of Singapore, Penang, Province Wellesley, and Malacca: Their Peoples, Products, Commerce and Government by John Cameron. 1865 Google Books
  • The Journal of the Indian Archipelago and Eastern Asia. Published at Singapore Volumes 1-9 1847-1855; New Series Volumes 1-4 1856-59/63.
  • Journal of the Straits Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society 1878-1922. Multiple volumes: Restricted access Hathi Trust Digital Library may be available to viewers in North America and some other countries A, B and C, including index volumes.
Multiple volumes: Pdf downloads, Digital Library of India, including Index To All The Journals Nos.1-86 Of The Straits Branch Of The Royal Asiatic Society Vol.5 Pt.4 1927
Journal Of The Malayan Branch Of The Royal Asiatic Society Multiple volumes, broken range from Volume 1 1923. Pdf downloads, Digital Library of India.
"Rubber Planting in Ceylon and the Malay States" page 225 The India Rubber World April 1, 1904