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British Infantry Barracks Wellesley Mhow.jpg
Presidency: Bengal
Coordinates: 22.548408°N, 75.761392°E
Altitude: 556 m (1,824 ft)
Present Day Details
Place Name: Mhow
State/Province: Madhya Pradesh
Country: India
Transport links
Rajputana-Malwa Railway

Mhow was founded in 1818 by John Malcolm as a cantonment town. It is still a major location of the Indian Army. In 2003 its name was changed to Dr Ambedkar Nagar after a early political leader.

There was an Indian Boys Depot in Mhow which trained Boy Trumpeters, including Anglo Indian boys, c 1936. The top graduate was rewarded by being placed in the Royal Horse Artillery. [1] It is not known whether this was a Royal Artillery Boys Depot

Spelling variants

Modern name: Dr Ambedkar Nagar
Variants: Mhow, Mohow

FIBIS Resources


  • Sacred Heart Church
  • St Anne's Church
  • St Anthony's Church built in 1892 [2]

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