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Contemporary newspapers are a valuable resource for tracing ancestors. Sylvia Murphy's article in the FIBIS Journal (details below) provides excellent guidance on using newspapers in your research and gives details of many on and offline sources.

There were dozens of English language newspapers published in India and these often include information such as:

All sorts of other information can be found in the newspapers and if nothing else they are an entertaining and informative glimpse of the society in which your ancestors were living.

FIBIS resources

FIBIS has extensive newspaper transcriptions. Online records taken from newspapers and periodicals can be viewed here.

  • Times of India Domestic Occurrences - FIBIS volunteers are transcribing births, marriages and deaths published in the Times of India newspaper. There are already thousands of records online and these can be searched or browsed in the database.
  • Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce - FIBIS volunteers are transcribing births, marriages and deaths published in the Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce newspaper. These can be searched or browsed in the database.
  • Sylvia Murphy, "Using Newspapers and Journals to research your family in British India," FIBIS Journal, No 22 (Autumn 2009), pages 30-41. For details of how to access this article, see FIBIS Journals.

Accessing newspapers

United Kingdom

The British Library holds extensive microfilm copies of newspapers. India based titles can be accessed via a printed list available in the Asia and Pacific reading room (on the open shelves in the microfilm reader area) see Early Indian Newspapers

Some newspapers from the British Library are available online, refer external links below.

The India Office Records at the British Library include Government Gazettes IOR/V/11 1831-1947
The Government Gazettes were the official newspapers of the Government of India and its provincial governments. The series held are: Gazettes of India 1865-1947, Calcutta 1832-1947, Assam 1874-1947, Bihar and Orissa 1912-1947, United Provinces, 1850-1947, Fort St George 1832-1947, Bombay 1831-1947, Punjab 1872-1947, North-West Frontier Province 1932-1947, Central Provinces 1875-1947, Coorg 1885-1947, Sind 1869-1947, Burma 1875-1947. Summaries of the contents of each series are to be found in the handlists in the Reading Room of the British Library.
Some issues of the Gazette of India and the Calcutta Gazette are available online, refer Newspapers and journals online

Other countries

Many other National and academic libraries may hold microform copies of newspapers from India.

As an example, the National Library of Australia in Canberra, holds microfilms of the Bengal Hurkaru and its related titles for the period August 1828 to December 1866.

Newspapers online - external links

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