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Occupations in the field of public health include:

See also, Indian Subordinate Medical Department

FIBIS resources

  • "Lost and Found-the records of Pembroke House" by Sylvia Dibbs FIBIS Journal Number 28 (Autumn 2012) pages 41-46 . Captain John Dibbs was a patient at the Lunatic Asylum at Bhowanipur in 1836 and was admitted to Pembroke House, the lunatic asylum run by the East India Company for its afflicted personnel, in Hackney London in 1837. See FIBIS Journals for details of how to access this article.
  • "Owen Berkeley-Hill and Psychiatry in India" by Mike Young" FIBIS Journal Number 30 (Autumn 2013) pages 8-20

Recommended Reading

  • Science and the Changing Environment in India 1780-1920: A Guide to Sources in the India Office Records by Richard Axelby and Savithri Preetha Nair 2009. The guide is arranged in eleven chapters including one in respect of health and disease including medical education. For full review see Research guides reading list

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  • Medical History of British India, many Disease and Public Health reports, including military reports, from 19th and 20th century British India, from the National Library of Scotland, available online.
The Online Project is described in this 2009 link[1]

Historical books online

Investigation and Report by two American missionaries into the government sanctioned brothels in British Army cantonments. It is believed the authors visited India after the Cantonment Act of 1889, perhaps c early 1890s.
[Volume B] Report of the Commissioners Appointed to Inquire into the Sanitary State of the Army in India : with Abstract of Evidence, and of Reports Received from Indian Military Stations 1864 with Map of India showing the Military Stations c 1864 and "Abstract of Sanitary Details in Reports from Principal Military Stations in Bengal" page 335 (Madras Presidency page 403 Bombay 443) The first 156 pages in Volume B is the same information as the first 196 pages in Volume A. Volume B also contains
[Volume C] Observations on the evidence contained in the Stational Reports submitted to her by the Royal Commission on the Sanitary State of the Army in India by Florence Nightingale 1863
Volumes A, B, C overlap and form part of the contents of two additional publications Volumes I and II, which contain the detailed evidence given to the Commissioners. The balance of the pages may be found on the subscription website "House of Commons Parliamentary Papers", as part of Paper number 3184 of 1863 - Document type: Command Papers; Reports Of Commissioners. Additional information commences from Volume I, page 133: Minutes of evidence ; Addenda. Volume II commences page 1094: Appendix: Reports from stations in India and its dependencies occupied by British and native troops ; Reports of inspectors-general of hospitals ; Reports on stations in Ceylon. (total pages over 2000). (Volume I and II are also available to download as a pdf, on a restricted basis, from GIPE Digitised Books Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics, Pune.)
4th edition 1856 by Dr H H Goodeve First published 1844. 7th edition 1879 Entirely rewritten by Edward A Birch, Surgeon-Major, Bengal Establishment. Became Birch’s 1st edition. 2nd edition 1886, 3rd edition 1895, 5th edition 1913 Updated by C R M Green and V B Green-Armytage. All 1929 edition by V. B.Green-Armytage and E.H.Vere Hodge, 8th edition 1933 by E. H. Vere Hodge 1933, 9th edition 1933. Latter three, pdf downloads, Digital Library of India.


  1. Usher, Jan (2009). "The Medical History of British India Online Project" from Positioning the Profession: the Tenth International Congress on Medical Librarianship, Brisbane, Australia, August 31-September 4, 2009.