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Following territorial acquisitions made by the East India Company as part of the Anglo-Dutch Treaty of 1824, the Straits Settlements, as a territory, was established in 1826. In South-East Asia, it consisted of:

The Straits Settlements came under the Bengal Presidency.


Ecclesiastical Returns: Baptisms, Marriages and Burials at the British Library. Prince of Wales Island [Penang], Malacca and Singapore 1799-1829 in IOR N/8. The LDS film number for these records is 498606, item 2. Returns are continued in the Bengal returns 1830-1868.

The Straits Settlements factory records can be viewed at the British Library. The reference is IOR/G/34. These records have been microfilmed, along with other related India Office holdings, and are available at various international locations, including the National Library of Australia.

A good list of official records held in various collections can be found on the A Sense of History: a select bibliography on the history of Singapore page on the National University of Singapore's website.

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