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Following territorial acquisitions made by the East India Company as part of the Anglo-Dutch Treaty of 1824, the Straits Settlements, as a territory, was established in 1826. In South-East Asia, it consisted of:

The Straits Settlements came under the Bengal Presidency.


Ecclesiastical Returns: Baptisms, Marriages and Burials at the British Library. Prince of Wales Island [Penang], Malacca and Singapore 1799-1829 in IOR N/8. The LDS film number for these records is 498606, item 2. Returns are continued in the Bengal returns 1830-1868.

The Straits Settlements factory records can be viewed at the British Library. The reference is IOR/G/34. The contents can be viewed on Access to Archives. These records have been microfilmed, along with other related India Office holdings, and are available at various international locations, including the National Library of Australia.

A good list of official records held in various collections can be found on the A Sense of History: a select bibliography on the history of Singapore page on the National University of Singapore's website.

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