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  • 1800 raised as an Experimental Corps of Riflemen by Colonel Coote-Manningham and Lt-Col the Hon. William Stewart
  • 1802 redesignated the 95th Regiment of Foot, the 95th Rifles
  • 1816 became The Rifle Brigade
  • 1823 became The Prince Consort's Own Rifle Brigade
  • 1958 renamed the 3rd Green Jackets Regiment of the Green Jackets Brigade.
  • 1966 amalgamated to become 3rd Battalion Royal Green Jackets Regiment
  • 2007 became the 4th Battalion of The Rifles.

Service in British India

1st Battalion

2nd Battalion

A thread from the 2nd Battalion 95th Rifles Forum[1] provides the following details

  • Dec 1911 2/RB stationed at Fort William, Calcutta.
  • Jan 1912 2/RB form guard of honour for King's departure from Calcutta.
  • Jan 1912, 2/RB trained to Pindi
  • Feb 1912 Brigade training and practice in hill Warfare in Baracao, "some 15 miles towards Murree".
  • Oct 1912 2/RB march to Rawal Pindi.
  • 1913, Kuldana, Murree and Rawal Pindi. Kuldana to West ridge Nov 1913
  • 1914 In Murree hills, expected to sail for England Oct 29 in Dongola. Telegram to embark arrives Aug 26. Aug 29 all baggage in Pindi. Sept 02, left Kuldana, Sept 06, arrived Pindi. Trained to Bombay, arrive Sept 08. Embarked S.S. Somali, same day. Landed Liverpool Oct 22 1914. The Dongola carried the Berkshires from India.

3rd Battalion

4th Battalion

Regimental journal

The Rifle Brigade Chronicle was published annually from 1891, for the year 1890, and is available at the British Library. Seven editions are available to read online, refer below.

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