United Provinces Horse (Southern Regiment)

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The Allahabad Volunteer Rifle Corps became the Allahabad Troop Light Horse on the 12th September 1884 and later became the Allahabad Light Horse in 1890. The Cawnpore Light Horse, formed from the Cawnpore Volunteer Rifle Corps on the 5th February 1886; the Gorakhpur Light Horse, formed on 20th May 1887; the Ghazipur Light Horse, formed on 7th January 1887 from the Ghazipur Volunteer Rifle Corps and the Oudh Light Horse formed on 10th June 1887 from the Oudh Volunteer Rifle Corps, were all amalgamated and became the United Provinces Light Horse on the 1st April 1904. On 1st April 1909 the unit designation changed to 1st United Provinces Horse and then 7th (Southern Regiment) United Provinces Horse on 1st April 1917. Unit became the United Provinces Horse (Southern Regiment) on 1st October 1920.

  • Uniform - Khaki
  • Badge - Swordsman with drawn sword on a Prancing Charger with "Relief of Lucknow, 1857" inscribed below it.