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An example image using Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 unported license attributed to the owner of the original photograph

We are always looking for images to illustrate our articles or provide a useful source of information. If you have any pictures you are willing to upload, they would be very much appreciated. Please have a look at our requirements first below, then upload an image.


When uploading images to the wiki, you need to:

1. Adhere to our copyright policy and only upload images that either:

  • You own the rights to (usually meaning that you created the image yourself)
  • You can prove that the copyright holder has licensed under an acceptable free license.
  • You can prove is in the public domain in the UK.

2. Add a Creative Commons License when uploading images you own the rights to.

3. Clearly state the author, license and origin of the image by:

  1. Select the appropriate license on the file upload page page.
  2. Attribute the image. See image license tag category to find the relevant license page where you can find instructions of how to attribute the image on the example page.

Images that do not meet these requirements will have to be deleted.

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