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PLEASE NOTE: This is a temporary holding page for titles submitted without review. These titles will be removed from this page once a review is submitted or if they are not reviewed within six months.

If you have read any of the following titles and are prepared to submit a review this would be most appreciated, as the entry can then be moved to the appropriate reading list. .

Contributors wishing to add titles to the Recommended Reading Lists should send these together with a short review to the Webmaster for consideration. Please take the time to say what the title is about and why it is recommended using the the guidelines as a basis for your entry


  • Allen, Charles
Duel In the Snows: The True Story of the Younghusband Mission to Lhasa by Charles Allen (2004)
  • Bennett, Mary
Who was Dr Jackson? : two Calcutta families, 1830-55. London: BACSA, 2002
  • Webster Anthony 2007
The Richest East India Merchant: the Life and Business of John Palmer of Calcutta, 1767-1836 preview googlebooks. John Palmer ran an 'agency house', a global commercial firm involved in banking, the opium trade, shipping, plantation agriculture and trade.

General History

  • Grey, C.
European Adventurers Of Northern India 1785 to 1849 by C. Grey first published in 1929 and reprinted by the Languages Department, Punjab, Patiala, in 1970, contains biographical sketches of over one hundred Europeans who came to or served in the Punjab during Sikh times. Available as Limited View Google Books Index Bibliography
  • Details of the book Delhi Durbar 1911, The Complete Story by Sunil Raman and Lt Col Rohit Agarwal, Roli Books 2011. The Pioneer Wednesday, 21 December 2011


  • Bhasin Raaja
Simla - the summer capital of British India. Reprinted Rupa and Co 2011. Review in Deccan Herald
  • Yelland Zoe
Traders and Nabobs: The British in Cawnpore 1765-1857 by Zoe Yalland 1987 and Boxwallahs : the British in Cawnpore, 1857-1901 by Zoë Yalland 1994. A description of the latter book is given in this link
  • Mohanty Sachidananda (Editor)
Travel Writing and the Empire, edited by Sachidananda Mohanty, Katha, 2003, p. 185, Rs. 250. Details of the book can be found at Narratives of the Self hindu.com
  • Harfield Alan
Bencoolen: A History on the Honourable East India Company's Garrison on the West Coast of Sumatra 1685-1825 by Alan Harfield 1995. Read about the book here.

Military History

The British Armies in World War Two: An Organisational History, Volume 8: The Indian Army, Part One: The Indian Army in the West
. Nafziger Collection, 2005
The British Armies in World War Two: An Organisational History, Volume 9: The Indian Army, Part Two: The Indian Army in the East, 1939-43
. Nafziger Collection, 2006
The British Armies in World War Two: An Organisational History, Volume 10: The Indian Army, Part Three: The Indian Army in the East, 1944-45
. Nafziger Collection, 2008
Reviews by Bill Stone: Volume 8 5 March 2006, Volume 9 21 January 2007, Volume 10 4 January 2009. stonebooks.com (retrieved on 15 April 2014).
  • Graham F Reed was a junior officer in the Royal Signals Corps in his early twenties, who was a Signals Officer with a Mountain Gun Regiment based at Razmak in Waziristan in 1945-47. His book is Walks in Waziristan, with an extract In action from Walks in Waziristan. The first two chapters are available from Preview Google Books
  • The Maharajas' Paltans: A History of the Indian State Forces 1888-1948 by Richard Head and Tony McClenaghan. New Delhi United Service Institution of India Manohar Publishers & Distributors, 2013. (in two volumes, 1081 pages). ‪ISBN‬ ‪9788173048883‬. Provides hitherto unknown information on battle and campaign honors, awards won by the Forces, (initially known as Imperial Service Troops as well as maps, color plates, and detailed notes on uniforms and insignia. Google Books

Regimental histories

  • "Hodson's Horse: 1857-1922" by Major F.G. Cardew. Reprinted Uckfield, East Sussex: Naval & Military Press. 2006 (402pp)- addition of colored maps. (added July 2014)


  • Allen, Charles
The Buddha and the Sahibs (2002). A review by William Dalrymple, author of the White Mughals, in the Guardian, states “As Charles Allen shows in his book, under Sir William Jones, the Asiatic Society of Bengal became the scholarly nerve centre that brought together all the different amateur enthusiasts busily working at uncovering the deepest roots of India's lost pre-Islamic history. In the society's Calcutta premises were collated reports sent in from a huge range of eccentric figures working away at translating Buddhist scrolls or ancient rock inscriptions, Gandharan coins or Tibetan mythologies, far separated from each other in remote outposts between the highest peaks of the Himalayas in Tibet and Nepal, through the arid plains of the Deccan to the thickest jungles of 18th-century Burma and Ceylon.” Also reviewed in the Spectator and available from Amazon.co.uk.
  • Bevan, Amanda (2006)576 pages.
Tracing your Ancestors in The National Archives is stated by The National Archives to be the only exhaustive guide to TNA’s holdings. It is to be noted that Chapter 8 details 'Births, marriages and deaths of Britons overseas or in the armed services'
  • Broadbent James, Rickard Suzanne and Steven Margaret
Review by William Dalrymple of the book India, China, Australia: Trade and Society 1788-1850 by James Broadbent, Suzanne Rickard and Margaret Steven 2003
  • Spencer, William (2008)
Army Records: A Guide for Family Historians. Mainly about records in the TNA and the India Office at the British Library. Contains chapters 'Royal Artillery' and 'The British Army in India' and the 'Indian Army'.
  • Thomas, Noel (Editor)
Footprints on the Track, Anglo-Indian Railway Memories (published by Anglo-Link 2013). For information about this book see "Of the Railways and the lives inextricably linked to it" October 8, 2013 The Hindu Chennai (Madras).
  • Turnbull Alexander
A book has been written called Walers : Australian Horses Abroad by Yarwood, A. T. (Alexander Turnbull), 1927-2002. Melbourne University Press at the Miegunyah Press, 1989.: ISBN: 0522843859
  • Details of the book Constructing the 'Brother': Freemasonry, Empire, and Nationalism in India, 1840—1925, by Vahid Jalil Fozdar, in two volumes, University Of California, Berkeley, 2001. Freemasonry contributed to Indian nationalism in four main ways. The author is Associate Professor, California State University, East Bay.
  • The Autobiography of a Wanderer In England and Burma: Memoirs of a Former Mayor of Rangoon by Charles Haswell Campagnac, published 2011, with more details here. The author was a lawyer born 1886 in India, with a French Huguenot ancestor. Covers the period to World War 2, including the bombing by the Japanese and subsequent flight to India.
  • Sahibs, Nabobs and Boxwallahs: a dictionary of the words of Anglo-India by Ivor Lewis and Hanklyn-Janklin, a glossary of Indian English, by Nigel Hankin who is described in the The Telegraph obituary of 9 Jan 2008


  • From Kashmir to Kabul by Omar A. Khan (2002). The harsh beauty of this region has been luring photographers since the Victorian age, the most famous of whom were two Irishmen William Baker and John Burke. The book chronicles their early days in Peshawar and their move to Murree, the Himalayan hill station on the border of Kashmir. It follows their documenting of the Afghan Wars, some of the earliest war photography, and their return to the plains of Lahore, where they continued to photograph the region’s people and landscape.
    Limited View Google Books . Read the Preface to the book (now archived) by F S Aijazuddin, which contains biographical details. Read a review of the book by Sophie Gordon in History of Photography 2003.
  • The book Early British Photography in India, published 1992. It was originally published as History of Photography Volume 16, No. 4 1992 pages 299-413


  • Tales from the Inns of Healing: Of Christian Medical Service in India, Burma and Ceylon prepared under the direction of the Executive Committee of the Christian Medical Association of India, Burma and Ceylon 1942. Available at the British Library
  • Nursing History and the Politics of Welfare edited by A M Rafferty, J Robinson, R Elkan (1997) has a chapter called "Rescue and Redemption : the rise of female medical missions in colonial India during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries" by Rosemary Fitzgerald Limited View Google Books page 63. Available at the British Library.
  • Stolen Daughters, Virgin Mothers: Anglican Sisterhoods in Victorian Britain by Susan Mumm (1999) Limited View Google Books gives more details about these three Orders. Available at the BL.
  • The Economic Development of India by Vera Anstey (first published 1929, reprinted 1977) mentions nurse training on page 81 Limited View Google Books
  • Our Viceregal Life in India, Volume I by Marchioness of Dufferin And Ava (2008) references Calcutta hospitals in 1885 (Limited View Google Books).
  • The Maturing Sun: an Army Nurse in India 1942-1945 by A Bolton (1986). Available at the BL No Preview Google Books
  • Sister Sahibs; the VAD's with the 14th Army, 1944-46 by M Robertson (1987). Available at the BL No Preview Google Books
  • Catch Me a Nightingale by Joan Ash (1991). Available at the BL No Preview Google Books includes wartime nursing experience in India.
  • This link describes the book Sisters of the Raj by Valerie Bonham

(Above titles transferred June 2014 as awaiting review)

Jewish Community in India

The following books related to Jews in India are currently available :

Who Are the Jews of India By Nathan Katz. Publication date November 2000. Of all the Diaspora communities, the Jews of India are among the least known and most interesting. This readable study, full of vivid details of everyday life, looks in depth at the religious life of the Jewish community in Cochin, the Bene Israel from the remote Konkan coast near Bombay, and the Baghdadi Jews, who migrated to Indian port cities and flourished under the British Raj.

Ruby of Cochin : An Indian Jewish Woman Remembers By Ruby Daniel. The autobiography of a Jewish woman from Cochin.

The Jewish Communities of India : Identity in a Colonial Era By Joan G. Roland. Preview Google Books This link is about the author.

Bene Israel of India : Some Studies By Benjamin J. Israel. Ranges over the history, religious evolution, some social and deomographic aspects of the life of the community.

India's Bene Israel : A Comprehensive Inquiry and Sourcebook By Shirley Berry Isenberg.

The Sephardic Table : The Vibrant Cooking of the Mediterranean Jews-A Personal Collection of Recipes from the Middle East, North Africa and India By Pamela Grau Twena. From her Iraqi husband's extended family, Pamela Grau Twena coaxed out recipes that had been passed through generations but never written down. The result is an inviting collection of more than 125 Sephardic Jewish favorites for everyday meals, Sabbath suppers, and holidays. These inspired kosher recipes will appeal to all food lovers.

(Above titles transferred July 2014)


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