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General History



  • Stones of Empire, Morris, Jan and JJ Cotton. Oxford, Oxford University Press, 1983. (Title transferred November 2014)
  • Splendors of the Raj (British Architecture in India 1660 -1947), Davis, Philip. London, John Murray (Publishers)Ltd, 1985. (Title transferred November 2014)
  • The Indian Metropolis, Evenson, Norma. New Haven, Yale University Press, 1989. (Title transferred November 2014)

Military History

Regimental histories

  • "Hodson's Horse: 1857-1922" by Major F.G. Cardew. Reprinted Uckfield, East Sussex: Naval & Military Press. 2006 (402pp)- addition of colored maps. (added July 2014)



Jewish Community in India

The following books related to Jews in India are currently available :

Who Are the Jews of India By Nathan Katz. Publication date November 2000. Of all the Diaspora communities, the Jews of India are among the least known and most interesting. This readable study, full of vivid details of everyday life, looks in depth at the religious life of the Jewish community in Cochin, the Bene Israel from the remote Konkan coast near Bombay, and the Baghdadi Jews, who migrated to Indian port cities and flourished under the British Raj.

Ruby of Cochin : An Indian Jewish Woman Remembers By Ruby Daniel. The autobiography of a Jewish woman from Cochin.

The Jewish Communities of India : Identity in a Colonial Era By Joan G. Roland. Preview Google Books This link is about the author.

Bene Israel of India : Some Studies By Benjamin J. Israel. Ranges over the history, religious evolution, some social and deomographic aspects of the life of the community.

India's Bene Israel : A Comprehensive Inquiry and Sourcebook By Shirley Berry Isenberg.

The Sephardic Table : The Vibrant Cooking of the Mediterranean Jews-A Personal Collection of Recipes from the Middle East, North Africa and India By Pamela Grau Twena. From her Iraqi husband's extended family, Pamela Grau Twena coaxed out recipes that had been passed through generations but never written down. The result is an inviting collection of more than 125 Sephardic Jewish favorites for everyday meals, Sabbath suppers, and holidays. These inspired kosher recipes will appeal to all food lovers.

(Above titles transferred July 2014)