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PLEASE NOTE: This is a temporary holding page for titles submitted without review. These titles will be removed from this page once a review is submitted or if they are not reviewed within six months.

If you have read any of the following titles and are prepared to submit a review this would be most appreciated, as the entry can then be moved to the appropriate reading list. .

Contributors wishing to add titles to the Recommended Reading Lists should send these together with a short review to the Webmaster for consideration. Please take the time to say what the title is about and why it is recommended using the the guidelines as a basis for your entry


General History


  • Mussoorie Merchant: The Indian Letters of Mauger Fitzhugh Monk 1828 - 1849 published by Pagoda Tree Press. This set of previously unpublished letters home give a fascinating insight into the early days of life in Mussoorie. (Title transferred Feb 2015)
  • Mussoorie Medley: Tales of Yesteryear, published by Niyogi Books, 2010. Extensive, well-researched book by local historian and university lecturer Ganesh Saili. Outlines the British period in Mussoorie in depth, with many anecdotes and historical photographs. A review of the book, Hill, Vale & Many A Tale from Outlookindia.com (Title transferred Feb 2015)
  • Mussoorie and Landour: Days of Wine and Roses, published by Lustre Press Pvt Ltd, New Delhi. (Can be purchased through online booksellers such as Amazon.com, or you may be able to interloan it through your local library.) 1992. Fascinating account of the two hill stations, with historical photographs, by well-known author Ruskin Bond and lecturer/historian Ganesh Saili, both Mussoorie residents. (Title transferred Feb 2015)


Military History