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Presidency: Bengal
Coordinates: 25.432248°N 81.870215°E
Altitude: 98 m (322 ft)
Present Day Details
Place Name: Allahabad
State/Province: Uttar Pradesh
Country: India
Transport links
East Indian Railway
Oudh and Rohilkhand Railway
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Allahabad was the headquarters of Allahabad District in the Allahabad Division of United Provinces during the British period. See United Provinces Districts.

Spelling variants

Modern spelling: Allahabad
Variants: Ilahabad


Allahabad became the capital of the newly formed United Provinces after the Indian Mutiny of 1857-58. The High Court of Judicature for the North-Western Provinces was located in Allahabad.

The High Court of Judicature for the North-Western Provinces was transferred to Allahabad from Agra in 1869. In 1887, the University of Allahabad was founded and All Saints Cathedral was consecrated.

Military history

Churches and missions

All Saints Cathedral
  • All Saints Cathedral, Cannington. Some photos of exterior at All Saints Cathedral (Beautiful Indian Churches blogspot).
1887–All Saints Cathedral, Allahabad
  • Holy Trinity, Church Road
  • St David's, Cantonment
Roman Catholic
  • St Joseph's, Thornhill Road
Other denominations
  • St Andrew's, Church of Scotland, Elgin Road
  • Baptist Church, Elgin Road
  • Church Mission Society, St Paul's Church
  • Divinity College
  • The Baptist, American Methodist Episcopal and Zenana

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The railway station at Allahabad

Allahabad was an important junction on the main line of the East Indian Railway. Here, the line from Calcutta bifurcated with one line running north to Delhi and the other south-west to Jubbulpore where there was an end-to-end connection with the Great Indian Peninsula Railway's main line from Bombay. In 1925, when both the EIR and GIPR became state railways, the section from Jubbulpore to Allahabad was transferred to the GIPR. The Oudh and Rohilkhand Railway had a terminus at Allahabad.

Map of Allahabad

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Muir Road Civil Cemetery Allahabad with Photograph of the entrance. This cemetery is known to locals as "Rajapur Cemetery" or "Rajapur Kabristaan" (in Hindi).
Both There also appear to be some smaller cemeteries in Allahabad, with details of only a few graves listed on, which may be located using the Search.
  • An Indian Pilgrimage
 by Martin Everett. Appears to be written 2003 or earlier, as there is an archived version from this date. This article describes a Regimental Memorial, located in the old cantonment cemetery at Allahabad, on the west side of the city, dedicated to those soldiers and families of the 24th Regiment who died of fever at Ranikhet and Allahabad from 1889 to 1891. It also mentions another cemetery "full of dead engine drivers from Central India Railways".

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