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Memorial Hall, Cawnpore.jpg
Presidency: Bengal
Coordinates: 26.460738°N, 80.333405°E
Altitude: 126 m (413 ft)
Present Day Details
Place Name: Kanpur
State/Province: Uttar Pradesh
Country: India
Transport links
Bombay, Baroda and Central India Railway
East Indian Railway
Great Indian Peninsula Railway
Oudh and Rohilkhand Railway

See page Cawnpore Railways and Stations for details

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Cawnpore was the headquarters of Cawnpore District in the Allahabad Division of United Provinces during the British period.

The city was (and remains) an important railway junction, with the East Indian main trunk line from Calcutta to Delhi meeting spurs from the Bombay, Baroda and Central India, Great Indian Peninsula and Oudh and Rohilkhand Railways.

Military history

Siege of Cawnpore Jun 1857
Cawnpore (Satichaura Ghat)
Cawnpore (Bibigarh)
Recapture of Cawnpore July 1857
Siege of Cawnpore Nov 1857

Spelling Variants

Modern name: Kanpur
Variants: Cawnpore / Cawnpur / Cawnpoor / Caunpoor / Khanpore

Modern name:Bibigarh
Variants: Bibigurh / Bibigahr / Bibighar

FIBIS resources

  • Images of Cawnpore
  • Photograph: Cawnpore Barracks 1915 FIBIS Gallery collection of photographs of Arthur Cecil Gregory who served in the 5th Bn. East Surrey Regiment in various parts of India during WWI, including Cawnpore
  • "Adam Maxwell of Cawnpore-Indigo and Intrigue" by Judith Vandenburgh Green FIBIS Journal Number 25 Spring 2011, pages 25-33
  • "William Garnett, the Volunteering Major" by Michael Garnett FIBIS Journal Number 26 Autumn 2011, pages 26-30. For details of how to access this article, see FIBIS Journals
He was on the Bengal Unattached List located at Cawnpore from 1883, where he worked for a time at the Army Boot Factory, rising to Commissary and Honorary Major in 1912. He also played a major role c 1884 in the establishment of the Cawnpore Light Horse and on retirement to England in 1919 held the rank of Company Sergeant Major in this volunteer regiment.
  • "The Walsh Family and the Cawnpore Massacre" by Paddy Walsh FIBIS Journal Number 31 (Spring 2014) pages 3-15. For access, see FIBIS Journals


  • BACSA has published the book Cawnpore – its early history and Kacheri Cemetery Guide by Zoë Yalland, 2012. "An engaging history of Cawnpore, with inscriptions on tombs in the old Kacheri cemetery and biographical notes. A new edition of the author’s two books on Kacheri Cemetery which have long been out of print. 150pp, numerous illustrations". See BACSA Books.

BACSA have put the indexes to this cemetery book online and these indexes are free to browse. If an indexed name is of interest then application can be made to BACSA for details of the relevant burial inscription - charges apply for this service.

This cemetery was open 1781-1865 and up to 1846 was known as the Officers’ Burial Ground, as mainly military officers and their families were buried there. It became known as Kacheri Cemetery in 1857. Blunt has some entries under Kachahri Cemetery. Private soldiers were buried at Hiramun-Ku –Purwa (open 1796-1818). The New Cantonment Cemetery was open 1818-1943.[1]

Church and cemetery memorial inscriptions


  • Christ Church College, Kanpur. The College began as an S.P.G. [Society for the Propogation of the Gospel] Mission School in the 1840’s. First called Mission School, then Christ Church School, it grew into a College affiliated to the Calcutta University in 1866.
  • Girls’High School, (Wikipedia), known as Methodist High School since 1952. Established 1874. It also admitted some boys.

Economy and Business

  • William Bradshaw was appointed assistant weaving master at Muir Mills in 1931 and worked there until 1952
  • Profile of The British India Corporation which was registered as a Limited Company on 24 February amalgamate a number of companies, most of which were located in Cawnpore:
    • Cawnpore Woollen Mills Co. (established 1876). Still in existence as a Government of India Company, (along with New Egerton Woollen Mills Co. Ltd., Dhariwal, Punjab. (established 1882)).
    • Cooper Allen & Co. Ltd. proprietors of the largest Army Boot and Equipment Factory in the world – Kanpur (established 1881)
    • North–West Tannery Co. Ltd., Proprietors of the largest and the most up-to-date Tannery in the East – Kanpur (established 1881).
    • Cawnpore Cotton Mills Co. Ltd. (established 1882).
    • Empire Engineering Co. Ltd., Civil, Mechanical, Motor and Constructional Engineers, Contractors and Builders – Kanpur (established 1894).

Volunteer Regiments


  1. Kanpur Heritage and Tourism, page 4 and details from BACSA Archive at the British Library, Mss F370.

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