15th (Ludhiana) Regiment of Sikh Infantry

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15th Ludhiana Sikhs

Known as 15th Ludhiana Sikhs or 15th Loodiana Sikhs or 15th Sikhs


  • 1846 formed as Regiment of Ludhiana
  • 1861 became 15th Bengal Native Infantry
  • 1864 became 15th (Ludhiana) Regiment of Bengal Native Infantry
  • 1885 became 15th Regiment of Bengal Native Infantry (Ludhiana Sikhs)
  • 1901 became 15th (Ludhiana) Sikh Infantry
  • 1903 became 15th Ludhiana Sikhs
  • 1922 became 2nd Bn/11th Sikh Regiment
  • 1947 allocated to India on Partition

War Diaries, First World War

  • A transcribed war diary (of an original handwritten diary, where the handwriting has been deciphered for you!) is available for 15th Ludhiana Sikhs 1914-15 on the Western Front.[1] See Western Front - War Diaries for more details.

External Links

Historical books online

  • The Sikhs of the Punjab by R E Parry late Indian Army Reserve of Officers; sometime Acting Captain and Adjutant 2/15th Ludhiana Sikhs. Sometime attached 35th Sikhs. [1921] Archive.org. Includes Chapter VI Recruiting Methods page 104.
  • Handbook for the Indian Army: Sikhs by A E Barstow 2/11th Sikh Regiment (late 15th Ludhiana Sikhs) 1928. 1940 reprint of the 1928 edition is available to read online on the Panjab Digital Library.
  • A romantic novel: The nurse's story : in which reality meets romance by Adele Bleneau 1915 Archive.org. The hero of this romantic novel set on the Western Front during the First World War is a Captain in the Ludhiana Sikhs (page 97). There are suggestions that when it was published the book was considered to be fictionalized memoirs, perhaps not written under the author’s actual name. A film based on the book was made in 1919. It is from the collection of the US National Library of Medicine, so perhaps is considered to have a realistic nursing background. For a review of this novel scroll if necessary to page 7, 5th column of the Pittsburgh Press (newspaper) dated August 7, 1917.


  1. Great War Diaries: 15th Ludhiana Sikhs War Diary 1914-15: Indian Army on the Western Front. Available on Kindle - Kindle App available to read the Diary.