19th Hyderabad Regiment

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The 19th Hyderabad Regiment was formed in 1922 by the amalgamation of six existing regiments and consisted of five regular battalions and a training battalion

In 1923, the 1/50th Kumaon Rifles which had been grouped with the Jat Regiment in 1922 joined the 19th Hyderabad Regiment retaining its identity as the 1st Kumaon Rifles.

In 1942 the 11th (Territorial) Battalion, 19th Hyderabad Regiment was regularised to become the 1st Battalion, Bihar Regiment.

In 1945 the 19th Hyderabad was renamed the 19th Kumaon Regiment. Post-independence, it has been known as the Kumaon Regiment.

Regimental History

The Bihar Warriors: A Historical Record of the Bihar Regiment, 1758-1986 by R D Palsokar. Danapur: Bihar Regiment, 1986

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