1st Afghan War Timeline

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16 July Simla Manifesto
21 November Bombay Army left Bombay
10 December Bengal Army left Ferozepore
25 April Bengal Army occupied Kandahar
14 May Bombay Army reached Kandahar
27 June Combined Army left Kandahar
23 July Gen Keane stormed Ghazni
27 July Col Wade took Ali Masjid Fort
7 August Shah Shuja entered Kabul
3 September Col Wade & Muhammad Timur entered Kabul
18 September Bombay Division left Kabul for the Bolan Pass
15 October Bengal Division left Kabul for the Khyber Pass
26 October Gen Nott left Quetta for Kandahar
13 November Gen Willshire captured Kalat
Gen Nott reached Kandahar
11 May Kahan besieged
16 May Ghilzies defeated at Tazee
18 September Dost Mohammed defeated at Bameean
2 November Dost Mohammed defeated the British at Purwandurrah
4 November Dost Mohammed surrendered and was exiled to India
1 December Baluchis defeated at Battle of Kotra
29 May Ghilzais defeated by Wymer at Eelmee
3 July Aktar Khan defeated by Woodburn at Girishk
5 August Aktar Khan defeated by Chambers at Karootoo
17 August Aktar Khan defeated by Griffin at Khawind
9 October Sale left Kabul for Jalalabad
11 October Sale forced the Khoord-Kabul Pass
22 October Sale's action at Tezin
29 October Sale's action at Jugdulluk
30 October Sale's action at Gundamak
2 November Woodburn's force destroyed at Syadabad
2 November Start of the Kabul Uprising
4 November Loss of Kabul commissariat fort
10 November Storming of the Rika-bashi Fort Kabul
12 November Sale besieged in Jalalabad
13 November British driven from Charikar
20 November Shams-ud-Din besieged Ghazni
23 November British defeated at Bemaru
23 December William Macnaghten murdered
6 January Elphinstone's army left Kabul
7 January Advance to Boothak
8 January Massacre in Khoord Kabul Pass
10 January Massacre at Tunghi Tarika
11 January Further losses at Jugdulluk
12 January Retreat from Jugdulluk
12 January Atta Mohammed Khan defeated at Killu-l-Shah
6 March Ghazni surrendered to Shams-ud-Din
9 March Khelat-i-Ghilzai besieged
10 March Attack on Kandahar
25 March Afghans defeated at Baba Wullee
28 March Gen England defeated at Hykulzye
4 April Shah Shujah murdered
5 April Pollock's army forced the Khyber Pass
8 April Sale defeated the Afghans at Jalalabad
14 April Pollock's army reached Jalalabad
26 April Gen. England left Quetta for Kandahar
10 May Gen. England's force reached Kandahar
21 May Khelat-i-Ghilzai relieved
29 May Aktar Khan defeated outside Kandahar
17 June Raid on the Shinwarree Valley
26 July Actions at Mazeena
9 August Gen. Nott left Kandahar for Kabul
10 August Gen. England left Kandahar for Quetta
20 August Gen. Pollock left Jalalabad for Kabul
24 August Hadji Ali defeated at Mamoo Khail
28 August British mauled at Mookoor
30 August Shams-ud-Din defeated at Ghoaine
6 September General Nott captured Ghazni
8 September Ghilzais defeated at Jugdulluk Crest
9-11 September Actions from Gundamak to Tezeen
12 September Akbar Khan defeated at Tezeen
14 September Shams-ud-Din defeated at Benee Budam
15 September Shams-ud-Din defeated at Maidan
15 September Pollock's army reached Kabul
15 September Shams-ud-Din defeated at Maidan
29 September Afghans defeated at Istalif
12 October Pollock's army left Kabul
14 & 15 October Action at the Huft Kotal
18 October Action at Jugdulluk Pass
22 October Pollock arrived at Jalalabad
25 October Pollock arrived at Peshawar
12 November Nott arrived at Peshawar