25th Regiment of Foot

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Also known as The Scottish Borderers


  • 1689 raised as Leven's Regiment by the Earl of Leven
  • 1746 known as Semphill's Regiment of Foot
  • 1751 became 25th Regiment of Foot
  • 1806 became King's Own Borderers
  • 1887 became King's Own Scottish Borderers
  • 2006 amalgamated with the Royal Scots to form the Royal Scots Borderers (1st Battalion Royal Regiment of Scotland)

British India Service

In February 1855 the regiment received orders to return to Britain and men who wished to remain in India were given leave to transfer to the 43rd Foot (later 1st Oxfordshire Light Infantry).[1]

External Links

Historical books online

  • "The King’s Own Scottish Borderers" from The Lowland Scots Regiments : their origin, character and services previous to the great war of 1914 edited by Sir Herbert Maxwell 1918 Archive.org
    • Page 207. The regiment was in India and Ceylon from 1842 to 1854
    • Page 209. The 1st Battalion served in Afghanistan from the end of 1878.


  1. Victorian Wars Forum post quoting page 81 of The King's Own Scottish Borderers by Trevor Royle