31st Regiment of Foot

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Also known as The Young Buffs.



  • 1702 raised as Villiers’ Marines by Colonel George Villiers
  • 1703 became Luttrell’s Marines after Lt-Col Alexander Luttrell
  • 1706 became Churchill’s Marines under Joshua Churchill
  • 1711 became Goring's Regiment under Sir Henry Goring
  • 1716 became Kerr's Regiment
  • 1727 became Cathcart's Regiment
  • 1730 became Hargrave's Regiment
  • 1737 became Handasyde's Regiment
  • 1745 became Beauclerk's Regiment
  • 1749 became Holme's Regiment
  • 1751 became 31st Regiment of Foot
  • 1758 second battalion became 70th (Glasgow Lowland) Regiment of Foot
  • 1782 became 31st (Huntingdonshire) Regiment of Foot
  • 1881 amalgamated with 70th Regiment of Foot and became 1st Bn the East Surrey Regiment
  • 1959 amalgamated with Queen's Royal Regiment (West Surrey) to form the The Queen's Royal Surrey Regiment.
  • 1966 amalgamated to become 1st Battalion The Queen's Regiment

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Regimental journal

The British Library has the following catalogue references:
Regimental News no. 5-vol. 2. no. 40. August 1920-May 1929.
The Journal of the East Surrey Regiment. vol. 2. no. 41-vol. 3. no. 68. August 1929-May 1936. and [New series.] vol. 1. no. 1-vol. 8. no. 5. November 1936-October 1959. Not published between May 1939 and November 1946.

Also available at the Surrey History Centre, refer below.

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Access to Archives catalogue entry for the records at the Surrey History Centre.
Image: The Thirty-first Regiment, with M. Genl. Sir Harry Smith's Division, engaged at the Battle of Sobraon, February 10th 1846 Henry Martens, artist 1848. Brown University Library Digital Repository.
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