82nd Regiment of Foot

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  • 1793 raised as the 81st Regiment of Foot (Loyal Lincoln Volunteers)
  • 1881 amalgamated into The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
  • 1970 amalgamated with The Lancashire Regiment to form The Queen's Lancashire Regiment

Brief History

This very brief history of H.M. 82th Regiment of Foot (South Lancashire Regiment), focussing entirely on its time in India, was obtained from a number of sources listed in the Recommended Reading below. This section was part of the Family History in India website, which was designed to help people trace their British and European ancestry in colonial India by Cathy Day. Cathy has kindly allowed us to transfer this page to our wiki.

1842 Jamaica

1857 Indian Mutiny (see History of the 88th Regiment of Foot)

1861 Moradabad and Shahjehanpore

1861 Delhi (exchanged stations with the 88th Foot in 1861)

1869 Bombay

Recommended Reading

The Queen's Own Highlanders History published by the 78th Regiment ISBN 978-1-84596-092-6

In Search of the Forlorn Hope : A Comprehensive Guide to Locating British Regiments and their Records by John Kitzmiller ISBN 0-961926-03-1

The Colonial Wars Source Book by Philip Haythornthwaite ISBN 1-854091-96-4

British Army Pensioners Abroad by Norman K. Crowder ISBN 0-806314-60-5

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