Battle of Condore

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Battle of Condore
Part of 3rd Carnatic War
Seven Years War
Date: 9 December 1758
Location: Kundur, near Chebrolu, Pithapuram, Andra Pradesh
Presidency: Madras
Co-ordinates: 16.98°N 81.78°E
Result: British victory
East India Company French
Col Francis Forde Marquis de Conflans
600 British
1,900 Indians
5,500 Indian Allies
500 French
8,000 Indian Allies
44 Europeans
Many Sipahis
156 men
32 guns

This was an event during the 3rd Carnatic War
Also known as the Battle of Rajahmundry


When the Marquis de Bussy and his troops where recalled from Hyderabad to assist Lally on the Coromandel coast and Rajah Anunderaj rose against the French appealing to the British for help, Clive saw an opportunity. He sent an expedition under Francis Forde which sailed for Vizagapatam on 12 October. On 1 December he joined forces with Anunderaj and caught up with the French under de Conflans at Condore where he gained a convincing victory.

Field Army

Forde's Force

  • Six brass field guns
  • Six 24-pounder battering guns
  • One howitzer
  • Three mortars
  • 100 Lascars
  • 1,800 sepoys

Anunderaj's Force

  • 500 cavalry
  • 5,000 infantry
  • 40 European gunners
  • Four field guns


Entries in the Dictionary of Indian Biography 1906
Charles Bussy (1718-1785)
Francis Forde (1718-1770)

Spelling Variants

Modern spelling: Kundur?
Variants: Kundoor/Kondur/Chundoor

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