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|partof=[[Disturbances in Berar]]
|partof=[[Disturbances in Berar]]
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[[Category:Battles|Rymow, Battle of]]
[[Category:Battles|Rymow, Battle of]]
[[Category:Disturbances in Berar|Dharoor, Battle of]]
[[Category:Disturbances in Berar|Rymow, Battle of]]

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Battle of Rymow
Part of Disturbances in Berar
Date: 28 November-5 December 1850
Location: Rymow, Moinabad, Andra Pradesh
Presidency: Bengal
Co-ordinates: approx 17.3268°N 78.274666°E
Result: Fort recaptured
Hyderabad Contingent Arabs
Brigadier William Beatson

Rymow Fort was previously captured from Rohillas in July 1848. by Brigadier William Beatson who was commander of the Nizam of Hyderabad's cavalry which was part of the Hyderabad Contingent consisting of 9,000 cavalry and 6,000 infantry under British officers. He was responsible for the suppression of rebellions by Rohilla & Arab insurgents in Berar.

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