Bengal-Nagpur Railway Personnel

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Bengal-Nagpur Railway Personnel - a sub-section of Bengal-Nagpur Railway(BNR) page.

There are no staff agreements for BNR personnel held at the British Library in the India Office Records.

Public Works Department

There are some records for personnel deployed from the Public Works Department Railway Branch or State Railways to BNR.

Click on name to follow link where available for more information. This list is not complete

The most notable of these are as follows

BNR Personnel - Chronological Order

BNR Loco Running Staff, Khargpur 1910

BNR Loco Running Staff 1910

The following people have been identified from the BNR photograph
The individual images can be seen on Flickr BNR Running Staff 1910 uploaded from the persnal collection of Valmay Young:-

  • Mahar J; Night Foreman
  • Bird F W; Driver
  • Stacey F; ??
  • Whitaker A; Driver
  • Sharling H O; Driver
  • Knapper J; Shunter
  • Sutton R; Driver
  • Yettie H A; Driver
  • Wade J C; Driver
  • Stanley ?; Driver
  • Edwards D; Foreman
  • Savigny W H; Driver
  • Gorman ?; Driver
  • Pierce C W; Fireman
  • Stahl H W; Driver
  • Collett A B; Driver
  • Baker C; Fireman
  • Edwards J; Driver
  • McCrombie D; ?? Fitter
  • Gayer E C; Dist. Loco Suptd
  • Woodhouse ??; Driver
  • Lennon J A; Fireman
  • Drane J; Driver
  • Hack ?; Driver
  • Brocklehurst J; Fireman
  • Robb A S; Fireman
  • Rozario W E; Dist.Boiler Man
  • Davey E J; Driver
  • Hoogstraten J; Loco ??
  • D'Souza F; ??
  • Moxon H H; Driver
  • Smith H O; Loco Foreman
  • Dalrymple J B; Driver
  • Bunyan J E; Driver
  • Barnard S; Shunter
  • Gambin J; Driver
  • Douglas W E; Fireman
  • Cummuskey W; Driver
  • Sweeney P; Driver
  • Gibert E; Driver
  • Reilly W; ??
  • Hill A R; Driver
  • Bailey A S; Locomotive Engineer