Bengal and Assam Railway

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Bengal and Assam Railway
Bengal Assam Railway logo.jpg
Bengal and Assam Railway device
System timeline
1942 Formed from 2 existing systems
Constituent companies / lines
1942 Assam-Bengal Railway
1942 Eastern Bengal Railway
1942-1945 Dibru-Sadiya Railway
1943 Jorhat State Railway
1944 Sara-Sirajgonj Railway
Key locations
Headquarters Calcutta
Workshops Kanchrapara (EB Zone)
Major Stations
Successor system / organisation
1947 Division of system following Partition

BAR within India renamed Assam Railway
AR merged into North Eastern Railway] (IR zone)

BAR within East Pakistan renamed Eastern Bengal Railway
EBR renamed Pakistan Eastern Railway
PER renamed Bangladesh Railway
System mileage
Broad gauge 898 miles (1943)
Metre gauge 2543 miles (1943)
2' 6" NG 37 miles (1943)
2' 0" 32 miles (1943)
Associated auxiliary force
Assam Bengal Railway Battalion
Eastern Bengal Railway Battalion
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The Bengal and Assam Railway (BAR) was formed on 1 January 1942 by the amlgamation of the Assam-Bengal Railway (ABR) with the Eastern Bengal Railway (EBR).


On the expiry of the Assam-Bengal Railway's contract at the end of 1941, the Government of India exercised its option and took over the ABR, merging it with the EBR to create the Bengal and Assam Railway. On 1 April 1942, the BAR took over operational control of the Dibru-Sadiya Railway for the duration of the war (WW2). On 1 October 1943, the GoI took over the Jorhat State Railway and on 1 October 1944, the Sara-Sirajgonj Railway, merging both in turn into the BAR.

For administrative convenience, the section of the BAR west of the Brahmaputra was referred to as the EB Zone and that to the east as the AB Zone, retaining the nomenclature in use before the amalgamation.

In 1947, the BAR was divided between the two new nations of India and Pakistan. That part remaining in India was renamed the Assam Railway; in 1952, this was merged into a new zone of Indian Railways, North Eastern Railway.

The part of BAR within the area of East Pakistan was renamed the Eastern Bengal Railway with ownership and control vested in the Central Government of Pakistan. In 1961, the system was further renamed Pakistan Eastern Railway.

In 1972, Pakistan Eastern Railway became Bangladesh Railway.

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