Bombay Victoria Terminus Construction Railway

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Bombay Victoria Terminus

Bombay Victoria Terminus Construction Railway

The 'Elpinstone Land and Press Company' was formed in 1858 to reclaim two large parcels of land on the south-east side of the Bombay peninsular [1].:-

  • 'Appollo Bunder-Mazagoan', 250 acres(100ha)
  • 'Bori Bunder', 100 acres(40ha), to be given to the Great Indian Peninsula Railway(GIPR) for the building of the Victoria Terminus.

The company went bankrupt in the 1865 crash, and their equipment, along with the reclaimed land was divided partly given to the GIPR and partly to the newly formed Bombay Port Trust. The equipment included broad gauge(BG) locomotives [1].

GIPR Victoria Terminus

Victoria Terminus, G I P Ry, Bombay

The construction of the ‘Great Indian Peninsula Railway Victoria Terminus’(GIPR) commenced in 1878 and was completed in 1888, the Architect was Frederick William Stevens [2].
This famous architectural landmark in a Gothic-revival style was built as the headquarters of the GIPR. Originally intended only to house the main station and the administrative offices of the GIPR, a number of ancillary buildings have been added subsequently, all designed so as to harmonise with the main structure. The original platforms were from 1–9. As the Harbour line was being extended from its previous terminus at Dockyard road to Victoria Terminus, to prevent congestion, a new mainline concourse with platforms 10–13 to the east of the existing suburban concourse was constructed, to handle main line traffic was erected in 1929. The original building is still in use to handle suburban traffic and is used by over three million commuters daily, it was renamed 'Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus' in 1996. It is also the administrative headquarters of the Indian Railways 'Central Railway Division'[3]


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