British Army Territorial Force troops arriving in 1914

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This page is part of First World War - British Army Territorial Force troops in India

The following information is taken from articles in the Singapore newspaper, the Straits Times in late 1914. [1]


Wessex Division

"A message from Delhi dated November 16, containing the complete list of the units [which had arrived some days previously]

Wiltshire Regimental Division and Cornwall Brigade

South Western Infantry Brigade

Hampshire Infantry Brigade

Field Artillery of Wessex Division

First Wessex Brigade

2nd Wessex Brigade

  • 4th and 5th Hampshire Battery Lucknow

3rd Wessex Brigade

  • 6th Hampshire Battery Delhi. [Shortly after moved to Ambala Headquarters]
  • Wiltshire Battery Delhi
  • Dorsetshire Battery Bareilly

4th Wessex Brigade

Distribution of the Home Counties Division

"A Delhi message on December 9 says:- The following are the units of the Home Counties Division which have recently arrived in India at the destinations named:-

Surrey Infantry Brigade

Kent Infantry Brigade

Middlesex Infantry Brigade

Royal Field Artillery

1st Home Counties Brigade RFA

  • 1st Sussex Battery Kamptee
  • 2nd and 3rd Sussex Battery Mhow

2nd Home Counties Brigade RFA

3rd Home Counties Brigade RFA


Consequent on the arrival of the above units, the following moves have been carried out by units of the Wessex Division:-


In 1916 and 1917 there was a renaming and renumbering of Artillery Brigades and Batteries. As an example, in 1916, the IV Wessex Brigade was renamed, becoming the 218th (IV Wessex) Brigade, RFA. In 1917, the component batteries were numbered, with the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Devonshire Batteries becoming 1094th, 1095th, and 1096th Batteries. [3]


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  2. Dinajpur was not listed as a station in the 1921 India Army List, and the 1/9th Middlesex Regiment are known to have been based at Dinapore, see 1/9 Middlesex Regiment in India 1914-18
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