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Material for family historians interested in Europeans and Anglo-Indians in India, Burma and Asian territories up to 1947.

The titles listed in this bibliography range from books to direct research efforts, directories on CD which may show where an ancestor was living in a particular year, out-of-print titles available for reading online, to a wealth of background reading which will aid understanding of an ancestor's life and work in India and South Asia.

Arrangement of the reading lists

Items are grouped by broad subject categories shown at the bottom of this page. Each entry has a short annotation. To read titles reviewed in older issues of The Journal of the Families in British India Society see FIBIS Journals.

Obtaining titles from the reading lists

Many items can be purchased through the The FIBIS Bookshop. Rare and out-of-print titles may be sought through AbeBooks, which provides a meta-search of antiquarian and second-hand bookshops around the world.

Many of the titles may be available at a local public library. If not in stock, the library may offer an inter-library loan service. WorldCat may help in identifying the closest holding library (NB it is not necessary to register to use WorldCat's search facility).

It is possible that various titles may be available in more than one edition or format, and for this reason ISBNs are not listed.

Contributing to the reading lists

Reviews of relevant, well-written, authoritative titles are welcomed. Please read the guidelines before making a contribution. Reviews should be directed to Eleanor.