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General Sir Charles Cureton, KCB (1826-1891) was the son of Brig-Gen Charles Robert Cureton. He was commissioned in 1843 in the 38th Bengal Native Infantry and in 1846 was appointed adjutant in the 12th Irregular Cavalry. He served in the Sutlej Campaign and was at the Battle of Aliwal. In the Punjab Campaign he was at the Battle of Ramnuggar (where his father was killed), at the Battle of Gujrat and the Capture of Attock. In the North West Frontier he took part in the Yusufzai Expedition and the Mohmand Expedition 1851-52. As second in command of the 2nd Irregular Cavalry he took part in the suppression of the Santal Rebellion. During the Indian Mutiny he was at Sialkot and Trimmoo Ghaut and he raised Cureton's Multani Cavalry. He was in charge of the intelligence department in the Rohilcund Campaign and the Oude Campaign‎. He later commanded the Oudh Division of the Bengal Army. He retired to England.

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