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  • All of one company : the VOC in biographical perspective.

Utrecht: HES Uitgevers, 1986

This comprises a series of essays (festschrift), in English, on the activities of people within and related to the Dutch East India Company (VOC). "The individuals considered are both European and the Company's Asian counterparts. The period covered spans the early 17th century to the late 18th century and encompasses the entire range of the VOC's Asian influence from the Red Sea to Japan. This is a very informative book, but I suspect it would mainly appeal to people who have traced their Dutch ancestry back to this period and want more background information or who have a specific interest in trade, etc. in the Middle/Far East during this period. It is certainly not a coffee-table book." The full review is on pp. 30-31 of FIBIS Journal 2 (December 1999).

see also title Ulysses in the Raj (Norris, 1992) in the Anglo-Indian section of the Society reading list

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