De Meuron Regiment

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Known as HM Regiment de Meuron

Flag of de Meuron regiment


  • 1781 raised in Neuchatel, Switzerland (100% Protestant and two thirds Swiss personnel), as the Le Régiment de Meuron after its commander, Comte Charles de Meuron. The regiment was a private regiment with Charles de Meuron the proprietor. At the time of its establishment, Neuchatel was ruled by the King of Prussia. The regiment was to serve the Dutch East India Company protecting the Dutch colonies.
  • 1795 transferred allegiance to the British Army as Meuron's Regiment after the British took Ceylon from the Dutch
  • 1816 disbanded in England at Harwich (with free passage to the continent)
de Meuron Regiment at Seringapatam

Service in British India


National Archives, Kew

British Library

The British Library has the books

  • Le Régiment Meuron, 1781-1816 by Guy de Meuron 1982, also available as a Preview Google Book, see below
  • The Swiss Regiment Meuron at the Cape and afterwards, 1781-1816 by Adolphe Linder, published 2000 at Cape Town by the Castle Military Museum


  • The archives in Switzerland consulted while researching the book Le Régiment Meuron, 1781-1816 by Guy de Meuron may be seen in this link (Google Books), including a mention of records at the Archives de l’Etat in Neuchatel “Fonds Registres Rgt Meuron, 28 cartons, inventaire une page.”
  • This link[1] is about records in Neuchâtel. Page 167 mentions Pièces Annexes, in the Archives de l’Etat with the dossier title Militaire (Service à l’Étranger), and page 172 refers to articles about the Regiment de Meuron


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