Dhond-Manmad State Railway

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The Dhond-Manmad State Railway was a 'chord' line, constructed to connect the Great Indian Peninsula Railway(GIPR) south-eastern main line to Madras with the GIPR north-eastern main line to Allahabad.

The railway was a broad gauge(BG) line 145 miles(197km) long between the two sections of the GIPR connecting Manmad 162 miles (260km) from Bombay on the north-east section, with Dhond in Poona 167 miles(267km) from Bombay on the south-east section. [1]

The line was opened for traffic on the 17th of April 1878. Some large bridges which were begun in 1879 were not finished till the rains of 1880. Up to the end of 1880 the line was managed by Government; it was then handed to the Great Indian Peninsula Railway(GIPR) [1] and became part of the GIPR South East Division.


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