Elgin Bridge, Barabanki

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B&NWR Bridges - Elgin Bridge

marked C on map

The Elgin Bridge, Barabanki spans the Gogra River (now named Ghagra River) near Bahramghat. The bridge is 3695 feet(1125m) in length and was built on dry land, the river being then trained under it. [1]

The ‘Elgin Bridge’, named after after Lord Elgin, the 9th Viceroy of India (1894 to 1899) was ceremonially opened on 25 January 1899. The bridge, of 17 spans of 200 feet (61m), carried the Bengal and North-Western Railway over the Gogra River, [2][3].

Alexander Izat joined the Bengal and North-Western Railway(B&NWR) in February 1883 as Agent and Chief Engineer, a post which he held till the 31st May 1904. The Elgin Bridge was constructed during his tenure, no doubt he was deeply involved with the design and construction.

It has not been able to determine when construction started or the Engineers in charge of construction .

Spellings – The spellings above are as used in the Imperial Gazetteer of India

  • Gogra River – now known as Ghagra river in the Barabanki district
  • Bahramghat – now known as Ghagra Ghat

Comment - Wikipedia “Elgin Bridge (Barabanki)” Wikipedia “Elgin Bridge (Barabanki)” is not fully accurate or substantiated and is hence not used as a primary source.