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Welcome to the Fibiwiki Military Project. The aim of this project is to improve the Fibiwiki content and coverage of military topics relating to British India. If you would like to join the project please add your name to the list of project members.

The Battles project is a subproject of this one.


Please use the following templates when creating military pages. Using these templates helps us to provide a consistent appearance to the articles within our project.

Infobox Templates

These guidelines apply to all military history infoboxes:

  1. Most of the fields in each infobox can be left out if desired.
  2. Multiple values given in a single field must be separated by commas and, where appropriate, line breaks (<br>), as spacing them onto separate lines confuses screen reader software.
  • Battles Infobox - This infobox template is used to summarize information about a particular military conflict (a battle, campaign or war).
  • Template:War - For the main article page of a war or campaign