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Welcome to the Fibiwiki Postcards Project. The aim of this project is to improve the Fibiwiki content and coverage of postcards in British India. If you would like to join the project please add your name to the list of project members. If you would like to add postcards to the wiki, but don't have a free fibiwiki account contact the FIBIS Webmaster to arrange for one to be set up for you.

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Please incorporate a Postcards Infobox template by copying and pasting the below text into the postcard page when. Using a template helps us to provide a consistent appearance to the articles within our project. To view a postcard infobox, click here. Use your browser's back button to return to this page

|Date published=
|Postal rate=
|Postally used=
|Date franked=

Infobox Templates

These guidelines apply to all infoboxes:

  1. Most of the fields in each infobox can be left out if desired.
  2. If adding an image, do not infringe copyright. If in doubt, don't.
  3. External links (eg to Wikipedia) can be very effective.


Categories should be placed at the end of a page. All locations postcards should be listed in the relevant image location category. For example an image of somewhere in Jhansi should be added to the Category:Jhansi images, but additional categorisation, such as the publisher of the postcard, will be helpful. A list of postcard publisher categories can be found here.