Gondal Railway

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Gondal Railway
Gondal State Railway Logo.png
Gondal State Railway Logo
System timeline
1881 Gondal Railways system formed
Constituent companies / lines
1881 Gondal Railway
1911 Jetalsar-Rajkot Railway
1911 Porbandar State Railway
1913 Khijadiya-Dhari Railway
1936 Kunkavav-Bagasra Railway
Key locations
Headquarters Gondal
Major Stations Dhola, Jetalsar, Rajkot
Successor system / organisation
1948 Saurashtra Railway
System mileage
Metre gauge
Associated auxiliary force
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Gondal Railway

The Gondal Railway(GR) was a metre gauge(MG) railway owned by the Princely Gondal State. The line opened from Dhasa via Dhoraji to Jamjodhpur, 106 miles(171km) in 1881 and originally worked by the ‘Bhavnagar-Gondal-Junagad-Porbandar Railway’(BGJPR).

From 1911, the line formed the nucleus of a new system, working jointly with the ‘Porbandar State Railway’(PSR) thus forming the Gondal-Porbandar Railway.

The ‘Jetalsar-Rajkot Railway’, which had opened in 1893 was worked in combination with the ‘Gondal Railway’ ; similarly the ‘Khijadiya-Dhari Railway’, which opened in 1913-16 [1].
Both these are both shown on the map in Green as part of the GR system.

In 1919 the ‘Gondal Railway’ took over the sole working of the ‘Porbandar State Railway’ and the Gondal State Railway (GSR) was formed.

The partnership of the two States in that railway was dissolved and the ‘Gondal Railway’ worked ‘Porbandar State Railway’ for 5 years , from 1 Apr 1919 to 31 Mar 1924, after which the working of the reverted to the Porbanar State. From 1 Sept 1936 the ‘Gondal Railway’ resumed the working of the ‘Porbandar State Railway’ as per an agreement between the two Durbars [2].

The ‘Kunkavav-Bagasra Railway’, 12½ mile(20km), opened in 1936 as a branch line of the ‘Gondal Railway’ [3].

The ‘Statistics of Working’ for 1937 [2] show the year-by-year financial results from 1913-14 through to 1936-37 for the ‘Gondal Railway System’ comprising:-



Indian Railway Classification of 1926 - Class II railway system.

Later Development

The ‘Gondal Railway’ in 1948, became a part of ‘Saurashtra Railway’.

GR Railway Network

At Dhasa the line connected to the ‘Bhavnagar State Railway’; and continued westward via Khijadiya (with connection to the ‘Khijadiya-Dhari Railway’ and via Jetalsar with connection north to the ‘Jetalsar-Rajkot Railway’ and south to the ‘Junagadh State Railway’; then via Dhoraji; then to Jamjodhpur (where it connected to the ‘Porbandar State Railway

From Jetalsar (with its connections); via Gondal to Rajkot (where it connected to the ‘Jamnagar and Dwarka Railway’ and the ‘Morvi Railway
See separate page for History and details

A branch line from Khijadiya (on the ‘Mainline’ between Dhasa and Jetalsar. Owned by the State of Gondal and the construction was started by the ‘Gondal Railway’ but opened by the ‘Gondal-Porbandar Railway’.
See separate page for details

  • ‘Kunkavav-Bagasra Railway’ was a Branch line, 12½ mile(20km), opened in 1936


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Further Information

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