Gopal Drooge

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Gopal Drooge was the site of a natural hill fort used by Tipu Sultan's forces during the Mysore Wars. Tim Willasey-Wilsey has identified it as the modern Kabbal Durga (see below, FIBIS resources), south-west of Bangalore. The hill is some 3500ft. Ruined buildings remain at the site today.

Some of Brigadier-General Mathews officers captured at Bednore in 1783 were taken from Seringapatam to the prison at Gopal Drooge where they were executed. See Tim Willasey-Wilsey's article in FIBIS Journal 31 for further information and images.

Alternative spellings

Gopaldrug, Gopal Droog, Gopaul Droog, Coppul Droog, Kaval Drook, Kavel Drook, Copal-Droog, Kavel Druk, Kabbaladurga

FIBIS Resources

  • "Searching for Gopal Drooge and the Murder of Captain William Richardson" by Tim Willasey- Wilsey FIBIS Journal Number 31 (Spring 2014) pages 16-25. (For access, see FIBIS Journals.) Gopal Drooge is identified as Kabbal Durga. The murders took place in September 1783 when thirteen officers from the Bombay Army, including Captain Richardson of the 3rd Bombay Sepoys and four officers from the British Army were killed on the orders of Tipu Sultan.