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Hyderabad State, also referred to as the Nizam's Dominions, was the largest of the Princely states. Not formally a part of British India, the mainly Hindu state was ruled by a series of hereditary Muslim princes called 'Nizam' (from Nizam-ul-Mulk - Administrator of the Realm [1]) from 1724 to September 1948 when it was forcibly integrated into the Indian Union and the Nizam deposed.

The state had borders with the Madras Presidency to the south, the Bombay Presidency to the west and Berar and the Central Provinces to the north. Its capital was the city of Hyderabad: immediately to the capital's north lay Secunderabad, a city in its own right and a military cantonment under direct British rule. Collectively, the two were often referred to as the 'Twin Cities'.


British Library Records

Baptisms,Marriages and Burials - Indian (Princely) States 1890-1946, N/5.


List of inscriptions on tombs or monuments in H.E.H. the Nizam's dominions : with biographical notes by O.S. Crofton. Hyderabad, published under the authority of His Exalted Highness the Nizam's Govt, 1941. Available at the British Library.

This India List thread gives the names of the cemeteries in 1939, probably taken from the book above.

LDS Microfilms

A keyword search in the LDS Library Catalogue for Hyderabad shows entries


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Historical books online


  • "Reprinting Deccan heritage" The Hindu, Jan 14, 2010 talks about the reprint of the book Glimpses of The Nizam's Dominions being an exhaustive photographic history of the Hyderabad state, Deccan, India. With nearly 600 superbly reproduced views by Claude Campbell first published in 1898.


Hyderbad State map Imperial Gazetteer of India Vol 26 Atlas 1909