Inchcape Bridge

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Modern name ‘Manjhi Railway Bridge’

B&NWR Bridges - Inchcape Bridge

Marked A on map

The Inchcape Bridge carried the ‘Bengal and North-Western Railway’(B&NWR) ‘Chupra-Benares-Allahabad Branch’ to the west of Revelganj to Bakulaha and the line opened opened 7 February 1912. The line became described as part of the ‘Ganga-Gogra Doab Mainline’

This bridge over the Gogra River (modern name Ghaghara River near confluence with Ganges ), was built in 1909-10. It consisted of eighteen 200 foot( 61mtr) through girder spans on brick piers, 36 feet high founded on circular brick wells sunk 97 feet below low-water level. The bridge carried a single metre gauge(MG) track[1].

The bridge was named the ‘Inchcape Bridge’ after James Lyle Mackay, Ist Earl of Inchcape, who had been appointed President of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce in 1890, a member of the Legislative Council of the Viceroy of India in 1891 and a member of the Council of the Secretary of State for India in 1897. [2].

Later History

In the Bihar earthquake of the 15 Jan 1934, two of the girders were overthrown and fell into the dry bed of the river [1]. Reconstruction was in progress in 1937 and the bridge was reopened.

The bridge is now named the ‘Manjhi Railway Bridge’ [3].