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Available on the pay website fold3,
and sample pages only Google Books,
see below.'''#'''
|[https://archive.org/details/in.ernet.dli.2015.284965 1919-April] Archive.org
|[https://archive.org/details/in.ernet.dli.2015.284965 1919-April] Archive.org
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Available on the pay website fold3,
and sample pages only Google Books,
see below.'''#'''
|[https://familysearch.org/search/catalog/1931667 1921-April]
|[https://familysearch.org/search/catalog/1931667 1921-April]
This edition is from  
This edition is from  

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This page is an attachment to Directories online and Military periodicals online

Search the British Library Archives and Manuscripts for a catalogue entry for Indian Army List ‎ (1889-1947) IOR/L/MIL/17/5/1-219, which includes a description of the frequency of publications at various periods and the editions which include War Services. For some years, a Supplement which contained war services of Indian Officers was published in January.

Indian Army Lists first appeared on the Digital Library of India website as pdf downloads in 2015. Most were recent additions from the Library of the United Service Institution of India, where the scanning quality of the digital files is good. However there are some older digital files where the scanning quality is very poor.

In January 2017 these DLI files were uploaded to the Internet Archive (Archive.org) and links are provided below. Books may be read online, or downloaded. The Digital Library of India is no longer operating.

Note: Most volumes have an Index of names at the back of the book.


See Directories online - East-India Register & Directory. Note that content may vary according to publication and date, particularly in the early years.


See Directories online - India List and India Office List for the publications Indian Army and Civil Service List 1861-1876 and India List Civil and Military 1877-1895.


1890-July Archive.org 1890-October Archive.org
1891-July Archive.org 1891-October Archive.org
1893-January Archive.org 1893- April Archive.org 1893- July Archive.org
1894-April Archive.org
1895-January Archive.org 1895-July Archive.org 1895-October Archive.org
1896-April Archive.org
1897-January Archive.org 1897-April Archive.org
1899-April Archive.org


1900-January Archive.org
1901-January Archive.org 1901-April Archive.org 1901-July Archive.org 1901-November Archive.org
1902-January Archive.org.

Note The Monthly Indian Army List

1902-February Archive.org

1902 April Archive.org

1902-May Archive.org

1902-July Archive.org 1902-October Archive.org
1905-January Archive.org

Catalogued incorrectly.

Should be January 1905,
not April 1919.

1905- April Archive.org 1905-July Archive.org 1905-October Archive.org
1907-July Archive.org
1908-October Archive.org
1909-January Archive.org 1909-October Archive.org


1910-July Archive.org
1911-January Archive.org
1912-January Archive.org

Also available from
FamilySearch, in 4 parts (free)
where you need to be
registered and signed in
to access the files.

1912-April Archive.org 1912-July Archive.org 1912-October Archive.org
1913- January Archive.org 1913- April Archive.org 1913-October Archive.org
1914-January Archive.org 1914-Aprll Archive.org 1914-October Archive.org
1915-January Archive.org 1915-April Archive.org 1915-July Archive.org
1916-January Archive.org
1917-January Archive.org 1917-July Archive.org
1918- July Archive.org

inc. War Services


Available on the pay website fold3,

and sample pages only Google Books,

see below.#

1919-April Archive.org 1919-July Archive.org


1920-January Archive.org


1920-January Supplement

1920-April Archive.org

This edition is from
FamilySearch, (free)
where you need to be
registered and signed in
to access the file. #

1921-July Archive.org


1921-July Supplement

1922-January Archive.org


1922-January Supplement

1923–April Archive.org 1923-October Archive.org
1924- January Supplement Archive.org 1924-October Archive.org
1925-July Archive.org 1925-October Archive.org
1926-April Archive.org

Should be 1926, not 1920

1926-July, 905 pages Archive.org

1926-July, 905 pages Archive.org

1927-January Archive.org

1927-January Supplement Archive.org

1927-April Archive.org
1928-April Archive.org
1929-April Archive.org 1929- July Archive.org

#Refer Directories online for some other online editions of the Indian Army List, including
Indian Army List January 1919. Available in a reprint edition of four volumes, see sample pages only Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, Volume 4: War Services Preview Google Books. In turn these reprint editions are available to read online on the Ancestry owned pay website fold3 as one digital book Indian Army List located in International/Military Books/India.


1930- July Archive.org 1930-October Archive.org
1931- January Archive.org


1931-January Supplement

1931-July Archive.org
1933-April Archive.org


1933- April Supplement

1933-October Archive.org
1934-October Archive.org
1935-October Archive.org
1936-July Archive.org 1936-October Archive.org
1937-January Supplement Archive.org

Also contains 1937-April

1937-April Archive.org

Part of the previous volume.

1938- April Archive.org 1938-October Archive.org
1939-January Supplement Archive.org

Also contains 1939-April

1939-April Archive.org

Part of the previous volume.

Another file 1939-April Archive.org Incomplete - ends at
page 292-293.
Around 500+ pages and
the index are missing.

1939-October Archive.org


1940- July, 933 pages Archive.org

1940-July, 933 pages Archive.org

1941-January Archive.org


1941 January Supplement

1941-July Archive.org 1941-October Archive.org
1942-July, 1801 pages Archive.org

1942-July, 1801 pages Archive.org

1943-April Archive.org. Note the latter part of the digital file from p 1381 belongs to 1943-October.[1]

1943-April page 937 onwards (incorrectly catalogued as 1943-October[1]).

1943-October Archive.org

1943-October page 1381 onwards (from the latter part of 1943-April file[1]).

1944-April: Part 2, 1242 pages Archive.org

1944-April: Part 2, 1051 pages * Archive.org

1944-October: Part 2 Archive.org
1945-April: Part 1, 1624 pages Archive.org

Probably incomplete.

1945-April: Part 1, 1732 pages Archive.org

1945-October: Part 1 Archive.org

1945-October: Part 2 Archive.org

1946-April: Part 2 from page 1344. Archive.org 1946-October: Part 2, 1617 pages Archive.org @

1946-October: Part 2, 1199 pages Archive.org

1947- August Special Edition Archive.org

missing at least
pages 114-140 & 147 - 198.
Poor quality scanning.

* Many pages are believed to be of poor quality.

@Stated to be Parts 1 and 2, but Part 2 only.


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 The intermixing and incorrect cataloguing of the digital files was noted by researcher R. P. and kindly advised to FIBIS 9 May 2019.