Kalabagh (Murree Hills)

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Kalabagh (Murree Hills)
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Presidency: Bengal
Coordinates: 34.073556°N 73.370439°E
Altitude: 2,147 m (7,044 ft)
Present Day Details
Place Name: Kalabagh
State/Province: Punjab
Country: Pakistan
Transport links

Kalabagh was a cantonment near Murree during the British period..

Kalabagh was a small cantonment in Hazara District, North West Frontier Province on the road between Abbottabad and Murree, in the area popularly known as Murree Hills. During the summer months it was occupied by one of the British mountain batteries which were stationed at Rawalpindi in the winter.

This is a different town to Kalabagh in Mianwali District in the Punjab

Spelling variants

Modern name: Kalabagh
Varient: Kala Bagh

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