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==Historical events==
==Historical events==
[[1905 Kangra earthquake ]]
[[1905 Kangra earthquake ]]
==Historical books online==
*[http://hdl.handle.net/2027/uc1.$b52048?urlappend=%3Bseq=11 ''Vazeeri Rupi, the silver country of the Vazeers, in Kulu: its beauties, antiquities, and silver mines. Including a trip over the lower Himalayah range and glaciers. With numerous illustrations''] by J. Calvert. 2nd Edition 1873 Hathi Trust. Kulu (Kooloo), Punjab is situated in the hills between Kashmir and Simla.
*''Gazetteer of Kangra District-Parts II to IV Kulu, Lahul and Spiti'' 1897 is available to download as a pdf file from [[Online books#Pahar-Mountains of Central Asia Digital Dataset|Pahar-Mountains of Central Asia Digital Dataset]]

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[[Image:|250px| ]]
Presidency: Bengal
Coordinates: 32.1°N 76.27°E
Altitude: 733 m (2,405 ft)
Present Day Details
Place Name: Kangra
State/Province: Himachal Pradesh
Country: India
Transport links


Battle of Kangrah 1846

Historical events

1905 Kangra earthquake

Historical books online