Madras Artillery

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The Madras Artillery consisted of:

History of the Madras Artillery

The origins of the artillery companies are detailed in the Madras European Foot Artillery article.

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External links

  • "The Dress Regulations of the Madras Artillery, 1842" by P. E. Abbott. Journal of the Society for Army Historical Research Volume 53,1975, pages 27-47. A detailed description of the uniforms of all ranks. Read online for free on the website, subject to registration with, and restrictions apply. For more details about Jstor, and the restrictions, see the page Miscellaneous tips. Alternatively you may be able to log in with a Library card.

Historical books online

Revised Instructions and Regulations for Field Battery Exercise and Movements for the Madras Regiment of Artillery by Captain A F Oakes of the Madras Artillery. Third edition 1846 Google Books
‪Instructions and Regulations for Artillery ... for the Madras Regiment of Artillery by Captain A F Oakes of the Madras Horse Brigade Third Edition‬ 1847 Google Books
The Young Artillery Officer's Assistant, Etc by A F Oakes, Captain, Madras Horse Brigade. Compiled for the use of the Madras Artillery Depot 1847 Google Books
‪The Officer's Assistant Connected with Guard Duties, Showing the Corresponding Motions of the Musket, Sword and Carbine, with Memoranda on Other Subjects, Etc by A F Oakes Captain, H A , Director of the Madras Artillery Depot of Instruction 1851 Google Books