Mari-Attock Railway

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The Mari-Attock Railway opened in 1891 as part of the North Western Railway(NWR) broad gauge(BG) system.

It was the name applied to the line from Mari Indus on the east bank of the Indus River via Daud Khel Juction to Attock(also named Campbellpur). In fact the line comprised the ‘Daud Khel- Mari Indus Branch Line’, 6 miles(10km), opened 1892 connecting Mari Indus to Daud Khel where it joined to the‘Shershah-Campbellpur Branch Line’ . These formed parts of the ‘NWR Frontier Section’ later to become the ‘NWR Strategic Section’

At Mari Indus there was an interchange with the 2ft 6in/762mm narrow gauge(NG) ‘Mari Indus Railway’ an NWR strategic military railway which finally became named the ‘Trans Indus (Kalabagh-Bannu) Railway - see separate page


Herbert Septimus Harington from the Public Works Department was posted to the Mari-Attock Railway in 1893, Engineer-in-Chief, promoted 1898 to Superintending Engineer and in 1904 Chief Engineer [1].

Further Information

See ’NWR Strategic Section Branch Line Network’