McLeod's Light Railways

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McLeod's Light Railways
[[Image:|150px| ]]
System timeline
1915 First line opened
1967 Last line nationalised
Constituent companies / lines
1915 Burdwan-Katwa Railway(BKR)
1916 Bankura-Damoodar River Railway(BDRR)
1917 Kalighat-Falta Railway(KFR)
1917 Ahmadpur-Katwa Railway[AKR)
Key locations
Headquarters Calcutta
Major Stations
Successor system / organisation
Some lines taken over by Indian Railways
System mileage
2' 6" NG 150 miles (241km)
2’0” NG 36 miles 1915-24 Jessore-Jhenidah Railway(JJR)
Associated auxiliary force
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McLeod's Light Railways

McLeod & Company was the subsidiary of a London company of managing agents, McLeod Russell & Co. Ltd.
The Company was formed to build and operate four 2ft 6in/762mm narrow gauge(NG) narrow gauge railways in and around Calcutta. Each railway was created as a separate Company.
All these railways had a 3½% return guaranteed by the Government [1]

The lines continued to operate independently after the Independence in 1947, the last being transferred to Indian Railways in 1967.

They also managed the ‘Jessore-Jhenidah Railway’ from 1915-24

McLeod’s Light Railways
McLeod’s Light Railways

Lines operated and worked by McLeod's Light Railways

Marked 1 on Map. See separate BKR page.

Marked 2 on Map. See separate BDRR page.

  • Kalighat-Falta Railway(KFR), 2’ 63 NG, 25 miles(40km), constructed by ‘Kalighat-Falta Railway Company’, opened 1917[4]. The line, to the south of Calcutta, from Kalighat , in the southern suburbs of Calcutta, to Falta on the bank of the Hooghly River.

Marked 3 on Map. See separate KFR page.

Marked 4 on Map. See separate AKR page for further details.

Other Railways taken over by McLeod's Light Railways

Marked 5 on Map. ‘Jessore-Jhenidah Railway’ See separate JJR page.

Marked 6 on Map. ‘Kotchandpur Branch Railway’ See separate JJR page.